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MVC MVP and MVVM architecture pattern - Introduction
MVC MVP and MVVM architecture pattern - Introduction
Tech world10 min read

MVC MVP and MVVM architecture pattern – Introduction

Let’s go deep into the Android app architecture. There are three layers in each of described architectural patterns. View layers which receives user input. Then there’s a model which describes data used in your application. Finally we have a bridge between model and view layers which is data presentation logic. The main goal of using…

Michał Trętowicz

Android Developer

Top 10 benefits of B2B apps

Are you among those entrepreneurs who are still thinking about the digital transformation of their business? So you know the drill: B2B applications are the future. Sure, you don’t hear about them as often as you do about apps developed for a single customer, but those B2B apps will get you ahead in the business…

Jakub Turkowski

Technical Content Writer

How to nurture customer loyalty to drive revenue growth?

It is highly likely that you have some loyalty cards in your wallet or a loyalty app of some kind  downloaded on your phone. If you had to think whether that was true or not, probably you are like the majority of people who have loyalty cards but do not use all of them. Why…

Jakub Dembiński

New Business Manager

Mobile Apps7 min read


How many mobile apps are being developed now? Just open the app store on your phone and look at the numbers. The mobile app market is constantly growing. According to, the number of downloads in the App market is projected to reach 228,983.0m downloads in 2022. As you can see, the Android apps and…

Karolina Zielińska

Employer Branding Specialist

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