AI-first mobile app development

Our Mobile App development services has evolved as we enter the AI-first era

itCraft - iOS Development

iOS Development and AI-integration solutions


In our iOS development service, utilising Swift, we specialise in incorporating LLMs and GANs to elevate the app experience to greater heights. Our focus is on creating intuitive, user-centric applications that harness the power of AI to provide unparalleled personalization and innovative solutions. Whether it’s through intelligent content generation, enhanced visual experiences, or predictive analytics, our iOS apps are designed to deliver a compelling, differentiated user journey that leverages AI to meet the highest standards of performance and usability.

itCraft - Android Development

Android Development and AI-integration solutions


Our Android development services, using Kotlin, are at the forefront of integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to craft custom mobile applications. We use best practices for solving complex business problems while focusing on delivering great user experience. This user experience is enhanced by embedding the latest in AI technology and innovating how your users interact with the application. We ensure your Android app stands out, offering smart, predictive features that adapt to user behaviours and preferences, creating a seamless, engaging experience that drives loyalty and growth.

Flutter Development and AI-integration solutions


Our Flutter development service transcends traditional app creation by integrating advanced AI tools, including LLMs and GANs, to offer cross-platform applications with rich, adaptive user experiences. This approach allows us to build apps that not only perform across iOS and Android but also incorporate AI-driven features that anticipate user needs, offer creative content solutions, and streamline business processes. With Flutter, we unlock the potential for rapid, cost-effective development of aesthetically pleasing apps that are intelligent, responsive, and tailored to elevate the customer experience.

itCraft - Cross-Platform Development

Transform your Existing Mobile App with AI Tools


Elevate your existing mobile app with our AI integration service, where we integrate advanced AI technologies into your current platform to unlock new capabilities and enhance user engagement. Whether your app is built on Android, iOS, or Flutter, our team of experts can seamlessly integrate LLMs and GANs to introduce features such as personalised content creation, dynamic user interfaces, and predictive analytics. This service is designed to transform your app into a more intelligent, interactive, and adaptable platform, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive market by providing exceptional user experiences that are predictive, personalised, and powerful.

End-to-End Custom Mobile Development in the AI-first era

Our end-to-end custom mobile development service is designed for businesses aiming to maximize their digital adoption by utilizing AI technologies to redefine the experience of their users. By combining our expertise in native Android, iOS, and cross-platform Flutter development with cutting-edge AI tools like LLMs and GANs, we offer a comprehensive development journey from concept to launch. Our approach ensures that every aspect of the app, from the UI/UX design to the backend infrastructure is designed to make the most of AI to enhance functionality, user engagement, and business intelligence. We focus on delivering tailored solutions that not only meet today’s needs but are also scalable for future advancements, setting a solid foundation for growth in the AI-first era.

Native or Cross Platform with an AI-first mobile app?

When integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) into mobile apps, the choice between native and cross-platform development hinges on specific project needs and business objectives. Native development offers platform-specific optimization, allowing for deeper AI integration and performance tuning according to device capabilities, ensuring a seamless user experience. On the other hand, cross-platform development, sing the Flutter framework, offers a unified codebase for easier maintenance across both Android and iOS. Ultimately, the decision should consider the balance between development efficiency, AI model performance, and the desired user experience quality. This is where our expertise is vital.l

Our Approach

Adopting an AI-first approach requires a hybrid version between traditional New Product Design and Design Thinking to deliver the best results. We first consider the identified opportunity and highest value for your business and then focus on refining it to meet the needs and wants of your clients. We achieve this by comprehensive product discovery & research and UX & UI design. Our experts have the know-how to produce world-class mobile apps.

Secure Solutions
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We don’t just talk about security. We went the extra mile and gained ISO certificates. We know that business partnership is based on trust – that is why we are always transparent, and we have the ISO papers. You know that your project is in good hands, and you stay tuned to all the updates along the way. You don’t need just a software house to make your digital product. You need a solid, reliable business partner – and that’s us.

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Mobile App
Development Cost

How much will the mobile app development cost? It depends – there are many factors that should be considered in the process of mobile app development. And they have an impact on the final price. But worry not, we focus on crucial matters from the very beginning. This way you have a clear overview of the required budget. Check this source for more info. We treat our business partners uniquely – no budget burnout here!

Technologies we got them all

Natural Language Processing and Generation tools are designed to understand, interpret, and generate human language in a way that is both natural and interactive.


AI-Powered Image and Content Creation tools leverage AI for generating images, art, or design elements from textual descriptions or other inputs, showcasing the creative potential of AI.

Stable Diffusion

AI and Machine Learning Platforms offer a broad range of AI and ML services that can be used for developing and deploying AI models, including natural language processing, image recognition, and more. They provide the infrastructure and tools necessary for businesses to build custom AI solutions

Azure AI
Google Cloud AI and ML
IBM Watson

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