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We create best-in-class mobile apps thanks to our software craftsmanship approach.

Our services

We specialise in creating made-to-measure solutions for healthcare, transport & logistics as well as Uber-like apps, social apps, mobile commerce and startups.
Concept development
"Begin with end in mind" we design the plan for your software/ app development and product strategy to help you define and work towards your goals.
Product design & technical analysis
Our specialists thoroughly analyse your requirements, propose technical solutions and design a bespoke product to suit your needs.
Agile mobile & web apps development
We work with you every step of the way. The flexible process of development is divided into stages to allow continuous adjustments and control over the production.
Cloud backend development
Our backend (server side) specialised teams design, develop and implement Cloud backend service that allows (but is not limited to) seamless scalability of your product.
Developers outsourcing - remote team
We employ the best developers on the market and we are happy to provide you with their services to strengthen your team. We are going to need them back though...
After service - maintenance/SLA
We value our clients beyond delivering the product. Our offer is complete with the proposition of continuous cooperation. We will support your product and ensure any issues are addressed and resolved. Quickly and thoroughly.
Mobile marketing
Our marketing team will design and implement your app's marketing strategy. We will help you optimise your app's profile in order to ensure it's visibility and encourage new users influx.

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We like simple. That's why our man-hour has a flat rate of EUR 40,00. No small print, no hidden costs.
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Looking for just a chat? No probs. Give us a call and talk us through your ideas. You will get an estimate for your project and a piece of free advice.


Let our deeds speak for us. Feel free to browse through some of our projects delivered over the last 8 years.

SeaMan’s Book

A busy seaman's life made easy thanks to an app that will remind its user about renewing his or her certificates, create a simple CV and help find suitable maritime and offshore jobs.


Need a doctor? Just use the app and wait for a physician to give you a call within minutes to schedule an appointment at your place.

Top Secret

An app for all fashion people. Latest trends and collections, advice from stylists and access to lookbooks as well as info on discounts and promotions at Top Secret in one place.


An app designed for perfect matches of personal trainers and fitness freaks. Wherever you are, browse through GTme database and schedule your next fitness session with a trainer of your choice.


An app that is helping truck drivers stay tuned at all times. Important information, safety updates and other notifications gathered in one place. Aimed at making trucker's life easier and safer.


A "find me a nearby place to eat" app integrated with with public Facebook APIs, Foursquare and Google reviews. A must have for all lovers of good food.

If you want to know more about apps we created, drop us a line using 'Get a quote' button in menu or check more our realisations.

Our apps conquer the world

  • Poland ( 54 )
  • United Kingdom ( 5 )
  • USA ( 11 )
  • Sweden ( 1 )
  • Finland ( 2 )
  • Australia ( 6 )
  • France ( 1 )
  • Switzerland ( 6 )
  • United Arab Emirates ( 5 )
  • Kenia ( 1 )

Number of projects in each country

San Francisco
54 Poland
5 United Kingdom
11 USA
1 Sweden
2 Finland
6 Australia
1 France
6 Switzerland
5 United Arab Emirates
1 Kenia


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  • Agile software development

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  • What can’t NoSQL do – first experience with Google Cloud Datastore

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Our apps conquer the world

United Arab Emirates


We are fairly modest and we don’t like to blow our own trumpet. However, if our clients are willing to praise our hard work, we are more than happy to let them do it 😉


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