Case studies

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A native mobile solution to manage and maintain multiple connections and replicate the complex functionality of the existing trader turrets used by traders in the financial market.


A complete TeleMed platform with web apps for doctors and patients to manage accounts and native mobile apps for patients to schedule & manage appointments, and make payments.


A native Android app which connects to OBD2 via Bluetooth allowing drivers to run diagnostics, manage preventative maintenance and find specialist service centres.

EnterpriseIOTTransport & Logistics

A mobile app with Machine Learning capabilities for busy restaurant owners to manage suppliers, inventory, ordering, billing whilst being able to keep an eye on the budget.


Voted as the best B2B App in 2019, this native app actively engages an existing, large client base by allowing them to manage their loyalty cards and receive the latest offers.


An award-winning IOT mobile app which allows boat owners to be notified of unauthorised movement of their vessels, with sophisticated map integration and social networking feature.

IOTStartupTransport & Logistics

A management system to replace manual processes of a nursing home using a web-based app and native app to manage the workload of all workers including nurses and supervisors.


A dedicated web-based platform required to increase efficiency and centralize the data for managing fleet, drivers, training and certification of personnel.

EnterpriseTransport & Logistics

A complete Uber-style system with separate apps for doctors and patients which facilitates the whole process of ordering home visits, as well as a B2B model with API for external partners.


A mobile app which lets tour guides replace the traditional headset with a modern solution to broadcast one-way voice transmissions to a specific group using the ‘tourist’ app.


A mobile app which simplifies complex business processes and streamlines data flow allowing standardized business activities across ten countries including ten language versions.


A PWA and m-commerce solution allowing clients to purchase products, manage loyalty cards and keep up-to-date with latest fashion news, trends, tips, fashion advice and more.


A simple-to-use tool for seafarers to manage certificates including being notified of expiration and where they can be renewed, and create CVs, reply to job adverts and calculate working time.

B2BTransport & Logistics

A CRM for a leading manufacturer of fleet management products to manage client relationships and sales processes, as well as internal business activities.

B2BEnterpriseTransport & Logistics

Supra Care allows care facilities to manage individual patient plans, organise work processes, and make data-driven decisions to increase efficiency and quality of care.


A cloud-based management system to digitally comply with the complex food safety standards in medical facilities, and collates all data for regulated reporting.


A mobile app and web-based platform allowing users to find personal trainers based on location, services offered and reviews, and facilitates the booking and payment process.


A mobile solution for employees working in logistics including the latest incoterms, conversion calculator, container specifications, world times, currency convertor and much more.

EnterpriseTransport & Logistics

A React Native medication adherence app which helps cancer patients manage their medication intake by adding new medication and setting reminders.