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Modern backend services

Our backend wizards know the tools of the trade.


They can even help you modernize your existing backend system. Hey, do not worry about the frontend side in that case – it won’t be disrupted. We have cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for any occasion. We also have top-notch engineers, who can seamlessly migrate your high-value data to the cloud. So, you can stay ahead of the game with your app.


  • Lower costs
  • Server management
  • High flexibility
  • Possible scalability
  • Quick deployment
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Java – get to know it

Ever withdrawn cash from an ATM? Well, you’ve seen of the Java children.


Java is one of the most popular technologies around-the-globe. It is used for over 25 years now, and this means a few things. Namely, it works great because it is still here. Also, there’s a plethora of Java libraries, frameworks, and other useful stuff. And huge, engaged community of users. Don’t underestimate Java, it’s powerful. And we know how to use it.


  • Runs anywhere
  • High security level
  • Network-centric
  • Quick time-to-market
  • Excellent performance

Node.Js – a startup thing?

Well, not only. Node.js is also used for enterprise level clients.


Why? Because it is a remarkable technology for crafting scalable, complex, and fast-delivered business applications. Even though Node.js is younger than Java, it also has a massive, willing-to-help community. This translates to the fact that Node.js is always up-to-date. And, as we mentioned, the development speed is impressive.


  • Cost-effective
  • Quick-to-adapt
  • Customizable
  • Simplifies development
  • Fast loading time

Kotlin – power of compatibility

What if there’s a programming language that offers full compatibility with Java’s ecosystem?


Oh wait, there is one – namely, Kotlin. What advantages does it hold, then? The developers, who will be working on your new application, will also have much less code to write. So, if you already have an existing Java tech stack, our pros can deliver faster. Kotlin is a powerful tool, and our backend experts know how to make use of it.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Less code to write
  • Compatible with Java
  • Small library
  • Multi-platform

Python – versatile technology

Perfect for any occasion, including AI-powered digital products and machine learning


Python is here for over 30 years, but it’s absolutely not obsolete. Many call it the ‘glue language’, as it is extremely useful in integration with other languages and frameworks. Thanks to its versatility, Python is perfect for both enterprise-level, complex solutions and fast-delivered start-up digital products. It’s also the main technology used for AI and machine learning. Examples? NASA, Spotify, Instagram, Dropbox. And many more.


  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Perfect for Data Science
  • Object-oriented tool
  • Dozens of libraries
  • Built-in data structures
itcraftapps.com - team at workitcraftapps.com - team at work

What you need

Sustainable growth is a goal for most of companies. To fuel that growth, it iss crucial to work with a partner that knows how to create an efficient workflow and balance the workload. Backend development experts have that understanding of different roles in team, and this translates to quick deployment. That’s what you need – flexibility, reduction of costs, and fast development.

What you’ll get

Skilled backend development professionals, who not only write quality code. Our pros have thorough understanding of the processes and customers’ needs. Thanks to these, they improve the whole team performance. This means fast time-to-market, the best possible solutions, as well as remarkable user experience in your new digital product. You simply get tailored-to-needs services.

Backend – what is it?

Backend services are important for your new mobile app or web app. Backend is the brain, frontend is the rest of the body – that’s the anatomy of application. It would be hard to make things work without a brain, right? Exactly. So, backend side is taking care of sending and processing input, to make your new application run well and smooth. With backend pros, you know that data is well-harmonized.

itcraftapps.com - team at work
itcraftapps.com - team at work

Backend – why you need pros?

Frontend is what your users see. Of course, it’s essential to make your new digital product visually attractive. But making it work and prepare data that is sent back to the users is vital. And that’s backend. Why you need backend pros? Because they not only craft the application, but also help you choose the right solution and scope of work. It saves your money.

itcraftapps.com - team at work

Backend and app architecture

Writing code is one thing, but there’s more to that in terms of providing backend services. It’s also about optimizing and deploying code on the server’s side. You know, it’s like creating a building – you need consistent architecture, and otherwise, it will collapse. So, we have the experts, who write complex protocols, create those elaborate libraries, and do dozens of other things that make your new app work smoothly.

itcraftapps.com - team at work

Backend and

It’s natural that you want to go big with your new application. So, you need a solution that is going to be scalable. This is where our backend experts provide their knowledge. Thanks to their skills and experience, they will help you choose the best technologies to craft your digital product. Expect Node.js, Kotlin, or Golang, but they know a lot more than just these three.

itcraftapps.com - team at work
itcraftapps.com - team at work

Backend &

You need your game-changer fast? Don’t worry, our backend pros have your back here. Whether it’s going to be Kotlin, Java, or something else – you can be sure that your new application will be developed fast. We know what solutions are best for crafting best-in-class, running-smooth, and data-packed apps, as well as which frameworks facilitate code writing. We cover it all, for you.

itcraftapps.com - team at work

Complex applications

Fast growth is the goal for any application. That needs rock-solid backend ground. You need an enterprise level application? The one with multithreaded processing? And it has to serve tens of thousand of users, or even more? It should also handle multiple business operations, simultaneously, right? Sounds familiar. We bet that the backend pros will pick Java for that one. And the application? It’s just a matter of time. And we estimate time well.

itcraftapps.com - team at work

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