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Design Workshops at itCraft

Our team has completed several nursing homes and stem cell banks projects and became a mobile development partner for a global manufacturer of medical devices. We participated in consultations for the public sector and built specifications for telemonitoring solutions at the national level. itCraft was also a part of the successful implementation of new teleconsultation solutions for our clients in Europe and America. Supporting startups at the early stages of development, implementing investors’ assumptions and opening the way to multi-million investment rounds was also our merit.

Design Workshops at itCraft


We are a partner

with whom you will design, build and implement modern digital products. Creating beautiful and safe solutions that meet HIPAA and GDPR standards is our priority.

Teleconsultation & telemonitoring apps

A system that allows doctors and patients to connect via convenient and safe web or mobile apps. A digital product of this type enables booking, paying for and carrying out video consultations and also uploading test results, so the medical specialists know what’s going on with their patients. We can also develop text chat and audio call modules.

Habit trackers

Monitoring events that can influence our health and wellbeing is what these apps are made for. Data collected by them is used in medical diagnoses and for therapy recommendations. Also, a good habit tracker motivates the user to live better by introducing healthy habits into their daily life and reducing harmful factors. It’s a complete solution that promotes excellent physical and mental health.

Planning and work organization supported by AI

Planning work at medical facilities can significantly increase cost efficiency, quality of service, safety and satisfaction of patients and employees. Systems built by itCraft helped to plan more than 2 million tasks only last year. Thanks to them, the efficiency of nursing homes grew by 20% compared to the pre-digitalization era.

Uber-like doctor on-demand systems

Platforms that offer doctor-on-demand services are responsible for providing quick and comfortable access to medical home visits. Thanks to them, fewer visits are canceled, and the facilities can efficiently scale the number and types of offered services. The transparent and modern accounting model for patients, doctors and insurance companies makes apps of this type the most convenient way to offer healthcare.

Sales support systems for medical devices / services

By digitalization of the customer journey in the healthcare industry, the involved parties gain new ways to find potential clients, make purchasing more accessible, increase the productivity of sales reps and lower the sales operational costs. With software dedicated to selling medical services and hardware, it becomes genuinely innovative and efficient.

Habit MVP ideation and development

Every time we have a chance to create a new digital product, we can’t wait to face new challenges. Our goal is to build dedicated systems that address your organization’s particular needs. We create MVP concepts, implement and validate new solutions, optimize them to customers’ expectations and provide post-release maintenance. With us, you get a whole package of services tailor-made to your requirements.

A Canadian startup that created a mobile app to support people in psychedelic integration therapy and give their users holistic tools for better well-being. We built a web app, as well as two native mobile apps for them. The platform achieved such success that MindLeap was acquired by Mydecine Group for 3,5 million CAD, which gave them an additional boost to invest in their digital solution’s growth.

  • The world’s first app dedicated to psychedelics
  • Acquired within months after release for 3,5M CAD
  • A complete system for both mental health specialists and users that need support
  • Robust web app and modern native mobile apps for iOS and Android
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This Swedish company is called “an Uber for doctors” because patients can quickly and conveniently book home visits of medical specialists. Its strong sides include a user-friendly design, data safety, robust performance and intuitive, simple functioning.

  • On the market since 2017
  •  Easy verification and payments thanks to various integrations
  • Successfully implemented in many Swedish cities with 70 specialists on board
  • Home visits are performed within 60 minutes from booking
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Implementation of an innovative system that helps nursing homes organize their work and provide better services for patients was also done by our team. It significantly raised productivity and helped the employees from several facilities handle various tasks. Thanks to this platform, caregivers can focus on priorities like the well-being of residents.

  • Managing more than 1500 tasks per day and 550 000 per year
  • Tablet-based system to give the employees more flexibility and convenience
  • Numerous features that help to optimize costs, organize schedules and plan work
  • Reports for data-driven decision making
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Here’s why companies love working with itCraft

Thanks to itCraft’s wide experience and involvement we could develop every element of the application together, including its efficiency and comfort of use.

Partner Homedoctor Sp. z o.o.

Szymon Horaczuk

There were no problems and we’re really happy that we chose itCraft. It was a good decision. We had really good contact all the time and we talked over Slack, phone calls, and in-person.

Co-Owner & CTO

Swedish Healthcare Platform

Analysis of needs, software configuration, installation and series of training for our personnel went smoothly and as planned.

Chairman of the board

M.D. Mirosław Wróbel

itCraft delivered high quality work at every step of the project.

Director at PCG

Richard Maguire

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