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HomeDoctor is a company which uses mobile and web-based technology to arrange home visits by doctors to patients requiring GPs and specialists in family medicine, internal diseases and pediatrics. Their software solutions make it possible to arrange a home visit with a doctor, with a current average of 43 minutes from the time of the request. In 2020, HomeDoctor received €3,7 million Series A funding becoming a multi-million Poland-based startup. We are proud to be a part of this project and contributing to its success.

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With only 2.3 medical physicians in Poland per 1000 inhabitants causing long waiting times and over-booked private health clinics, the demand by patients to arrange home visits with their doctors has been rapidly increasing for a number of years. Helped by the change of habits by consumers of ordering services online, HomeDoctor identified a need to make the process of arranging home visits by doctors fast and easy and to get the doctor to the door within 60 minutes.


Since its release in 2017, the HomeDoctor app has been used by over 11,000 patients across 7 cities and has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution. So much so, large healthcare providers now use HomeDoctor as a 3rd party provider of medical physicians for home visits due to the stability and efficiency of the software and the business model of HomeDoctor.

Technical Objective

The technical objective was to connect patients and doctors using both web-based and mobile apps. It was determined that the patients required both a responsive, web-based app and dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS users to maximise the reach of potential users. On the other hand, to effectively manage requests for home visits, the doctors required a dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS users.

Technical Strategy

In order to meet the business requirements and the objective of the app, the following solution was proposed and implemented.

– mobile app for patients – native iOS (Swift),
mobile app for patients – native Android (Java),
responsive web-based app for patients (Java+Spring Framework),
mobile app for doctors – native iOS (Swift),
mobile app for doctors – native Android (Java),
admin panel (Java+Spring Framework),
backend system to manage the system logic (Java+Spring Framework).

Technical solution

For doctors

The solution had to be a highly efficient and fast mobile application in order to make it a comprehensive tool for accepting orders, responding to, and registering house visits. Choosing a native mobile solution proved to be the perfect choice, as the level of performance, effectiveness and efficiency would not have been achievable with a web-based app or a cross-platform solution. 

For patients

To accommodate as many users as possible a responsive web-based app allowing users to access the HomeDoctor service on a laptop or desktop browser was developed alongside a native iOS and native Android mobile app. Both the web-based solution and mobile solution accommodated the habits of all users.

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