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Fracht is a logistics company from Switzerland that was founded in 1955. Their services include freight forwarding and creating innovative solutions to make the industry activities more productive and effective. They operate worldwide and promote a modern approach to business.

Fracht application


The client came to us to create a set of tools in the form of mobile applications that would make the lives of their clients, employees and contractors easier. They had an app for iOS already, but it definitely needed a redesign.


The project is ongoing since 2016 – we are continually updating the apps to make them comfortable to use and helpful for the Fracht’s clients.

Functionalities provided by the app include:

  • Worldwide Locations with interactive map view.
  • Units Converter with real-time conversions.
  • Incoterms 2020 presenting all incoterms.
  • Containers specifications.
  • Transport and Logistic Dictionary
  • Currency Converter with 150 international currency.
  • World Holiday feature that informs the user about public holidays in different countries.
  • Time Zone Converter and Local Weather.

The apps also include useful links and a contact form.

We’ve performed App Store Optimization (ASO) and translated the apps to 5 languages to achieve better results. The reports show that the number of downloads, as well as customer satisfaction, increased.


Creating the leading, base app and a couple of additional, small apps that would provide the essential tools for the logistics industry. Updating and redesigning an app for iOS to make it work on all mobile devices from Apple. Building the same kind of app for Android. Adding new functionalities that would make the product even more sophisticated and useful. Translating the app and all promotional materials to 5 languages.

Technical Solution

There are 8 products in the Fracht project – one main app (two native versions for iOS and Android) and 7 tool apps.

Each application has a similar design to be directly associated with the brand.
Also, tool apps have comparable working patterns to the base app to achieve a consistent experience.

Applications for weather, holidays and currency conversions use external API.

Technical Challenge

We’ve decided to create an entirely new product – even though there was already an iOS version. The app for Apple devices was developed first and after being approved – the production of Android application started.

We’ve made a completely new layout that would correspond with the brand’s values and style. The app gained new features and the old ones were updated and fixed to modern needs and requirements. We’ve added analytics to allow Fracht to track the app’s results and strategize the future growth of the project.

The first phase of the project was focused entirely on the main app and the second phase was dedicated to additional apps. As for them – we’ve made a list of the functionalities that would be the most useful and appreciated by Fracht’s clients. The company picked a couple that would then be remolded into applications.

Fracht app visual

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