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Life on the way can be pretty tough but if you have the right apps it becomes much easier.


Whatever it is that you are looking for, chances are you will find tools that deal with many everyday issues. And yet building an app that will save you time and earn money can be pretty tricky. Nevertheless, we know how to do it since we designed and built successful applications that help drivers keep on trucking or sailors keeping control over every seafarer needs.

The same can be said about logistics where mobile apps can make a big difference to the business.
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Below you will find some of the transport and logistics apps we have created.


DHL Express

DHL Express Poland required an application to simplify the employee and partnership management processes.

itCraft provided a tool with the ability to efficiently process high volumes of data. The app allowed various levels of security clearance for accessing data, depending on user status. It also generates various types of reports and enables archiving of older data. Each report can be viewed as a table, which can be exported directly to excel. Additionally, all types of reports can be created based on archived data.

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  • Managing database of employees and service providers
  • Different levels of access
  • Producing different types of reports
  • Automatic archivization
  • work optimisation
  • reporting
  • courier company
  • data driven decisions
  • electronic documentation

Fracht AG

Sometimes one app is not enough. That was the case of a Swiss company called Fracht AG for which we had created eight mobile applications. These apps answer most operational needs of employees and clients and enable comfortable and effective work.

Among all you can find tools such as:

World Time Zone Converter: an application that shows current hour in different time zones as well as weather conditions all over the world.

Containers: an app where one will find information on all containers used in international freight (20GP, 40GP, 40HC, 20RF, 40RF, 20OT, 40OT, 20FR, 40FR), including their specific measures (size, inside dimension, door opening, capacity, maximum gross mass, average tare and maximum payload).

Incoterms: presentation and explanation of all incoterms from EXW, FCA, FAS to DAP, DDP, etc. Can be seen from both seller’s and buyer’s perspective. Easy to understand descriptions.

Thanks to our ASO actions we significantly increased the visibility of the selected apps in the app store and the numer of its downloads.

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  • Transport Dictionary - dictionary of transport and logistics
  • Currency Converter - allows checking currency exchange rates of over 150 currencies
  • Units Converter - all the user has to do is to input data and the result is calculated and displayed straight away
  • Incoterms - presentation and explanation of all incoterms
  • World Time Zone Converter - shows current hour in different time zones
  • Containers - an app where one will find information on all containers used in international freight
  • World Holiday - gives the used all the information on public holidays around the world
  • Transport Dictionary
  • Currency Converter
  • Units converter
  • Incoterms
  • World Time Zone Converter
  • Containers
  • World Holiday


Truckersy app was built to make truckers life easier. It solves three main issues that each driver experiments everyday: parking, keeping informed and finding next task (job). Truckersky can be also used to monitor truck’s position on map. It can be also used whenever monitoring employees’ location and keeping in touch with them is necessary (such would be the case of telecomms and their field operations employees).

The app is built of modules which allows implementing it in pretty much any transport & logistics company. It works under both Android or iOS systems hence it can be widely used thanks to the popularity of smartphones (everybody uses a smartphone these days). The user receives the link via a text message or e-mail and once he or she is registered, he or she may start using the app.

The app is already being used in the USA, Mexico and Canada and provides thousands of drivers with loads of information on the roads, parking lots & facilities, maps, live notifications by other users and in-app messaging mechanism.

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  • Real-time info on parking lots availability & facilities offered
  • GPS tracking via mobile app rather than truck fitted device
  • In-app messaging within driver community
  • Truck navigation
  • Possibility of adding POI and comments on the map that can be seen by others
  • Possibility of adding dynamic POIs such as mobile mechanics, mobile medics and other mobile POIs on the map (their position on the map will change in accordance with their real-time position)
  • Job offers for drivers seen on the map
  • parking availability
  • truck stops
  • route planning
  • route events
  • petrol stations
  • cat scales
  • social app
  • mobile mechanics
  • job offers

Ticket inspection

ZTM Warszawa is the main provider of transport services in the capital city Warsaw. It operates city buses, trams, underground (Metro) and overground (SKM) rail systems and constitutes the largest part of Warsaw public transport system.

Koleje Mazowieckie is a regional rail operator in the Masovian Voivodship with part of its trains operating within the boundaries of the capital city.

In order to make ticket inspectors’ work easier, we created and integrated ticket inspection system for all paper and electronic ZTM tickets as well as Koleje Mazowieckie electronic tickets that works with Pidion bip-1300 mobile devices.

  • Integrated ticket inspection of paper tickets, electronic tickets, Warsaw Card tickets, Karta Mazowiecka tickets, tickets bought via mobile apps (QR codes)
  • Generating ticket inspection reports
  • Online system actualisation
  • Administrator web panel that allows management of ticket inspectors
  • Communication tool for ticket inspectors
  • Public transport solution
  • Ticket control system
  • Rail operator
  • Electronic tickets
  • Reporting

DTA Tranzyt

DTA Tranzyt is an app for companies that participate in international transport operations. It helps companies prepare their customs declaration swiftly before the goods reach customs point. The solution saves time which is crucial in international transport operations.

DTA Tranzyt prepares a transit customs declaration based on scanned documents which are sent as pictures by the driver delivering the goods. Once the necessary paperwork is done, the driver receives transit custom declaration number via text message and presents it to customs officials.

  • Inputting vehicle data
  • Selection of customs office and border crossing
  • Inputting all necessary customs data (freight bill CMR, invoice, good specs with customs code, weight and value)
  • international transport
  • transit customs declarations
  • electronic documentation
  • border crossing


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