Dedicated Uber-type system for ordering and management of doctors' home visits


SE | Healthcare


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2017 - 2020



A Swedish company that offers modern service for medical house calls. Their system includes dozens of specialists that visit patients at their homes to help them. They simplify the process that can be annoying with long waiting lines and old registration systems.


Giving people the possibility to book doctors’ appointments quickly and safely. To modernize this healthcare process, the company needed a product that would allow patients and medical specialists to connect in a user-friendly way.


The product was released in 2017 and it made the lives of doctors and patients more comfortable. At last – a simple platform that allows users to book visits. Medical specialists can plan their schedules and overlook a list of house calls they need to attend with a convenient map to plan their routes. In 2020 Mobil@Doktorn started to sell coronavirus tests to address the needs of patients that want to be safe during the quarantine.

Technical Objective

Mobil@Doktorn needed a complete system available for users, doctors and the admin. A couple of functionalities were required by the project – like payments within the app, a map that would show the doctors the patients they have to visit, and integration with prescriptions and medical records. We needed to develop a couple of different software products to meet all the company’s business goals.

Technical Solution

The patients and doctors can use an advanced web app that displays all the required data regarding their home visits. There is also a set of two native Android and iOS apps available to the patients around Sweden, no matter what mobile device they use.
There are a couple of integrations – including payment gateways, Google Places, invoices and BankID for simple verifications.

Technical Strategy

We needed a client-side and a doctor-side for the platform, so we decided to create a web app with two separate panels that would allow each party to manage their accounts. The patients also gained a mobile app to book visits from any place and easily look up their upcoming appointments. Besides all that, we’ve made a promotional and informational website, as well as the admin panel to control the whole system.

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