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Machine Learning at itCraft

Machine learning became a part of our work just recently, but we are already fond of the possibilities it offers. Our clients want to build products that are innovative and valuable to their audience. AI algorithms became an integral part of the web and mobile apps – we are not surprised. itCraft services include machine learning and we are constantly improving our skills in that area.

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  1. What is AI?
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  4. Machine Learning news
  5. Machine learning – should you get an app with it?

Researchers predict that machine learning will become even more significant in the upcoming years. It is definitely worth to know the top AI ideas and solutions. New products and services are developed every month – we are not even aware of all the apps, websites, and platforms based on machine learning.

To understand better how ML and similar technologies work, you should check out the useful resources we collected here to give you a comprehensive guide on artificial intelligence. Read the articles and news below to get insight into the AI-related subjects. You will find explanations with examples written by specialists and machine learning enthusiasts. Let’s jump right in and learn more about AI.

What is AI?

What is AI?

To begin your journey with machine learning, you should understand what artificial intelligence is. How these two fields interfere with each other? It is worth knowing that AI is the central area of science focused on computing algorithms created to imitate the human brain. Currently, computers are limited in terms of creativity, morality and invention. But they can beat people in logical exercises. And they definitely can analyze tons of data which wouldn’t even be possible for us.

The world is evolving rapidly. Because of the internet and easily accessible media, we get bombed with information every second of our existence. We need the help of computers to process them. And that’s what artificial intelligence with all its subsets is for. Simply put, they work with provided data in search of patterns and abnormalities.

Machine learning is a part of AI, just like other similar algorithms. Its name comes from the way it uses data to learn new patterns and predict future results. It is one of the top AI solutions, used already in many products we interact with on a daily basis. Such algorithms power Google search results. The same goes for social media platforms and their recommendations.

Our machine learning content - Introduction

Our machine learning content

To show our clients the potential of machine learning, we decided it would be best to give them some knowledge. We use our blog to educate and explain all the nuances of technical innovation. So we took AI algorithms and wrote articles about them. We did our research to find out what are the main questions when it comes to machine learning. It’s quite a mysterious topic, so we thought the best way to approach it is to describe the basics and use cases. That’s precisely what we did.

Why is machine learning a growing trend? – In this piece, we take a closer look at the increasing popularity of ML and explain everything you need to know about these artificial intelligence algorithms. You will read about types of machine learning based on their work pattern. We also compare it with other types of AI. There is an exhaustive list of examples, too. It’s a more general article where you will find information that can be useful for beginners.

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning – Two names that are often mixed. In the article, we discuss the similarities and differences between them. As AI subsets, these two algorithm types offer great possibilities, but their work and data processing style are not the same. To understand why we need both – check out this blog post. This way, you will learn even more about machine learning and related subjects.

Machine Learning examples

Machine Learning examples

We already did some machine learning projects for our clients. Working with AI is not a piece of cake, but fortunately, we have specialists on board – this way, we can offer such innovative services. Also, there are plenty of pre-made tools that can be perfect for building new AI solutions. If you need help if your existing product or you want to create a machine learning app from scratch – we’re here for you. Check out what we did already – here’s a sneak peek from our Portfolio.


There are so many memorable quotes we would like to share on our social media accounts. But not everyone wants to waste time transcribing the text from the book and then designing a graphic that will be Instagram-worthy. Not to mention that most of us don’t know how to create visually aesthetic images.

This is when Postepic comes in handy. With the power of AI, it captures quotes from books and transforms them into beautiful, sharable images. The solution is based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from Google Vision API – thus, the Postepic app can read the text from the book and put it on your phone screen.

Undisclosed client 1

Who knew that one day we would be able to remove backgrounds from images and photos? Another solution we did is based on Google Cloud and is programmed in the smallest detail. That’s because machine learning needs researchers to work correctly. They pay attention to irregularities and adjust the algorithm to manage them.

This type of machine learning solution starts with small examples of data and progresses to more complicated ones. The client wanted to remove backgrounds from images that contained people and objects. The latter was usually easier to process – portraits have more tricky details like hair, fabric shapes, etc.

Undisclosed client 2

Chatbots and voice bots are currently one of the most promising trends. Artificial intelligence can be a perfect tool for process automation. We used machine learning to develop a voice-based chatbot as a part of the customer support line for one of our clients.

For this project, we used a Dialogflow natural language processing tool. Machine learning solutions based on voice recognition and text-to-speech are particularly interesting as they imitate human conversations. They have to be as natural as possible and provide value to customers that will use them. It’s a challenging task to accomplish, but we know that most customer service activities will be automated by chatbots in the future.

Machine Learning news

We want to expand our competencies regarding machine learning and AI – that means we need to constantly learn new things, search for established methods and read articles full of useful knowledge about algorithms in software development. We are always up to date with ML news.

Here are our favorite, insightful articles about the world of AI.

AI news

Let’s start with more general content about algorithms.

IBM will no longer offer, develop, or research facial recognition technology – There are many controversies when it comes to AI and law enforcement. Machine learning and similar solutions can make our lives better by enhancing mobile apps and other products we use daily. But they can also help governments with surveillance. IBM’s researchers decided to limit access to its facial recognition software. They also stopped researching and developing it. All because of ethical aspects, like privacy concerns and trust issues. More in the article.

Tools to Spot Deepfakes and AI-Generated Text – In a world where we can get anyone to say anything by putting words in their mouth with technological tools, we need some kind of defense. This piece of content aims to help the readers understand how deepfakes work and how to detect them. This knowledge is priceless at the moment. Remember that everything can be posted on social media and there is often no research behind the information you read online. One can be easily misled – but not if they know how to spot fake news.

The 100-Year History of Self-Driving Cars – If you are looking for a piece of content that will show our progress in science and data algorithms – this one is for you. Years of research and invention resulted in what we have today, which is not quite yet finished. Self-driving vehicles are not widely available, but they might become our reality quite soon with the help of AI. Read this article to get an insight into the historical journey of something that felt impossible not so long ago.

An implant uses machine learning to give amputees control over prosthetic hands – Machine learning can change the lives of people with disabilities in a way that wasn’t possible ever before. Every area of science – like biotechnology, medicine, astrophysics and more – can benefit from AI. If you read this post, you will be surprised how things that we considered science-fiction (like mind-controlled prostheses) are becoming a reality thanks to researchers and engineers. Thanks to AI, our world is entering an entirely new era.

How AI is changing the video game industry: augmentation and synthetic media – Video games can benefit from data algorithms in many ways. Improving the gaming experience is one of the main advantages. Designing more realistic graphics, producing open worlds with full freedom, using virtual reality to give the players a chance to become one with the environment – you name it. If you read this article, you will find out how game developers search for new exciting ways to create extraordinary games. 

Deep learning

Here are the articles about this particular subset of machine learning.

Deep Learning’s Most Important Ideas – This piece is a truly comprehensive guide with a description of many solutions developed in recent years. A must-read if you are interested in more technical aspects of artificial intelligence. Even if you are not a programmer or a data analyst, there will be no harm in knowing the basic ideas behind specific algorithms and their possibilities. It might be a little tricky at the beginning but can also be quite interesting. And if you know something before you reach out to a vendor that will create a product for you – that will help you in mutual communication.

How Deep Learning Can Keep You Safe with Real-Time Crime Alerts – A detailed, science-based post about AI in crime prevention. It describes the whole process of product development with different types of solutions and testing activities. It’s a great example of data algorithms usage in real life. Read the article to determine how neural networks are programmed and how voice recognition can be utilized to predict particular events.

Deep Learning Algorithms — The Complete Guide – An ultimate piece about this type of AI. It describes data processing algorithms based on neural networks in the smallest detail. Knowing all the essential types of algorithms that are widely used in software and product development will allow you to better understand the world of AI. This piece is strongly research-based, so we recommend checking it out. 

Neuro-linguistic programming

NLP is quite an exciting area of AI and one of the top solutions used in computing research.

Using NLP Machine Learning on Dating Profiles – News about NLP are fascinating to read. There is a series of articles on Medium that are dedicated to finding love using machine learning and AI. It’s not a new concept – we’ve been looking for significant others online since the internet became widely accessible. But how data processing can help us find new dating prospects? Can we predict falling in love with someone? Read the series to find the answers.

Automatically Detect COVID-19 Misinformation – The coronavirus pandemic became a top new motivator that intensified the scientific work on machine learning and AI algorithms. There are many reasons why that happened – finding medication and vaccine for the future, but also preventing the spread of fake news that flooded the internet and traditional media. Using data processing for public health might be one of the best ways of using AI for society’s advantage. Researchers agree that it can support many areas of life if used with good intentions.

How Chatbots use AI, machine learning and NLP to transform marketing and sales – Data processing algorithms have multi-disciplinary capabilities and can be used in various industries. Using them to automate or support activities in one company can save resources and improve customer experience. Read an article full of examples where AI is used for marketing and sales. These ideas are very inspiring and creative.

Machine learning – should you get an app with it?

You will probably hear more and more about machine learning in the upcoming years. A subject that was once a niche for data analysis enthusiasts is now discussed in the mainstream media. We get new updates about it every single day. Like credit cards, seatbelts in cars and the internet itself – machine learning is an innovation that is gaining recognition and trust. We won’t even notice when it will become a significant part of our daily existence.

itCraft, as a software house, specializes in software development. We create mobile applications, websites, internal systems and everything your startup or enterprise might need to achieve the business goals you have. We use AI algorithms for data analysis and processing in products we create for our clients.

Follow us on social media to be always up to date with our new content and company announcements. Read our blog posts to learn about our process. We also recommend checking our Services tab so you can pick the most suitable parts of our offer for your startup or company. You will find our previous deliveries in the Portfolio section. See the Pricing page for cost estimations. Your search for a reliable IT partner with expertise in AI is over now – our goal is to help your brand achieve success.

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