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2015 - 2016



Third Rail is a marketing consulting company that is responsible for the idea for Postepic app. Their daily operations include graphic design, communication strategies for brands and other business-related advisory services.


Creating a platform to easily turn book quotes into beautiful, shareable images. Allowing users to fully customize their pictures. Applying innovative feature of capturing text by making a picture of it, which would make the app automatically provide a ready-to-edit quote and recognize languages.


The app was recognized and highly appreciated by major international web portals like The Bookseller, Digital Trends, AppAdvice, Bustle and Product Hunt. More than 3000 book quotes were captured by the Postepic users.

Technical Objective

Developing an app with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that makes every text on the picture instantly readable. The product was supposed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Its main functionality was to create images that would look excellent on Instagram. Users would achieve that with a collection of fonts and backgrounds they could apply to their quote.

Technical Solution

We’ve created a native application for iOS only.
As for OCR, even though Google Vision API is a paid solution,
it was the best possible choice as its performance is splendid.
Using free tools for it wouldn’t give us such results.

It is worth mentioning that OCR sometimes can be challenging when we want to recognize multiple languages,
but Google’s tool is handling that without difficulties.

Technical Strategy

To implement OCR in the most efficient way, we’ve decided to use Google Vision API which offers many features – one of them being Optical Character Recognition.

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