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Australian company Simple is auditing the nursing homes in terms of food and diet. Their work includes complex control of pantries, cooking and serving – according to standards, regulations and patients’ needs.

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When performing an audit, there’s plenty of information to collect. With the right software product, Simple would be able to optimize their work and achieve better results. Simplifying the tasks and having one system to store all information and outcomes would help to create better reports and recommendations.


Simple was implemented in eight Australian nursing homes within 2 years. That proves it was needed to provide even better service and dietary safety in these facilities. Using Simple saves lots of time and automates tasks for employees. This way, they can spend more time on other duties that are also crucial for the patients.

Technical Objective

Having a web app available in every nursing home was the ultimate goal of the project. There would be an admin account for management and two types of user accounts: for the facility and each employee. A detailed guide was created to show all the users how to use the application and what they can do as admins or users.

Technical Solution

Java and Angular were used to build the system. It is based on
cloud technology to connect all the facilities and the administration, as well as offer scalability in the future.
The goal is to digitalize all nursing homes around the country with this product.
Food safety management is much more productive and faultless when it’s done with dedicated software.

Technical Strategy

The system was supposed to be easy to use and navigate, display required information and not distract the user from its primary purpose. We had to develop a system that would process all the data provided in it. It had to be as intuitive as possible for nursing home employees that did all of this on paper before.

The web app has plenty of functionalities that help with complicated food storage and processing control. It tells the users what they are doing well, what needs to be fixed and what regulations they need to follow.

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