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Heyway is an innovative dating app that wanted to change the approach to meeting people online. Being an alternative to market leaders wasn’t an easy task, but Heyway has its own idea of what connects people.


Creating a completely different dating application that would allow people to share activities and passions instead of being judged by their looks. Building relationships based on deep connections via digital software might seem impossible, but Heyway wanted to use well-known mechanisms of similar apps and complement them with entirely new features.


We’ve made native mobile applications for Android and iOS and are continually expanding this project since 2018. The first version was released in 2019. There are already more than 5400 registered users that had above 1000 interactions and 2000 meetings. itCraft and the Product Owner are running market research to determine what else can be done to make Heyway a competition to the leading players on the dating app market. 

Technical Objective

The app was supposed to offer activities similar to 3 types of applications we know: social media (Facebook, Instagram), messaging (Messenger) and dating (Tinder, Badoo). There was a need for meetings module that would allow users to organize real-life events for pairs or groups.

Adding videos and photos was a natural feature to implement in such an app. We’ve had to develop category sorting for the meetings, create profile sections and browsing mechanisms and chat functionality.

Technical Solution

Building backend in Google Cloud was a great decision that would make scalability possible in the long run.
More than 10 people with a technical background worked to develop features mentioned above
and create a simple, intuitive dating app
that would allow users to find connections similar to real-life experience.

Technical Strategy

We’ve decided to go with thorough market research to determine if there’s a demand for a product like Heyway. The app was promoted during the Warsaw Students’ Carnival to receive customer feedback and draw conclusions.

The outcome we wanted to achieve would include a ready-to-use product that could be implemented in other markets quite quickly.

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