Mobile marketing

A new mobile app needs help when getting released to the market

Nothing makes things shine more than right marketing techniques. Constantly changing fads make it hard to keep up with what works. Our marketing team offers insight into trending advertising channels and techniques of mobile marketing. We can prepare you marketing strategy and design strategy and content to compliment your product on mobile devices and make it visible.

Mobile marketing

Developing a mobile app is a big venture which may require a considerable investment. ROI is something you think about from day one of coming up with the idea for it. Today, the world of mobile apps has become a highly competitive one and being one amongst many is not going to get you anywhere.

Head start

Apps are products and fall under the same laws of the market as everything else. Marketing of a product in a competitive environment is a demanding task, all the more if you, the product owner have little or no experience in the field.

itCraft creates mobile apps according to your idea, but we can’t tell you if it’s going to be a successful one or not. One thing we do know is that having an idea is always better than having no idea :). Although no one can guarantee an apps commercial success, itCraft can lend a hand in getting it out to the market.

Constant flux

Apps and software is what we breathe. Also when it comes to advertising and marketing of them. Our services, apart from creating high-end products are complete with the offer of Mobile Marketing.

As the specifics of the digital market are quite different to regular products’, so are the rules of digital marketing. Today, Facebook or Adwords can be the hype of advertising, tomorrow it could be Youtube or Influencers.Fashion changes quickly with young customers and keeping up with ever changing trends is not an easy task. We will always advise seeking professionals to handle it if you are serious about it. Trying to go it alone will never produce positive effects, and there are mistakes to be made that can turn out to be disastrous. These include violating certain rules or infringing rights of other companies. Finding a copyright infringement lawsuit in your mailbox is a real bottom lister.

More channels – more exposure

Mobile marketing services require knowledge, experience and creativity. They also require professional tools and ability to use them to full extent. Tools we use give us the real insight into the effects of our work. They give us the knowledge about what works, what doesn’t and what requires improvements. Without proper tools, digital marketing is shooting in the dark.

If you’re interested in proper marketing of your product or brand, we are happy to explain the process, analyse your needs and suggest solutions. Our marketing team creates content and designs marketing campaigns utilising all the popular channels: display advertising, social media marketing, PPC – Google Adwords, affiliate marketing, ASO, email marketing. With mobile marketing for apps we need to adjust marketing techniques to the type of product, budget and target audience.

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To ensure proper communication with clients, all our employees have a good command of English. We employ native English consultants.

We employ native English consultants to ensure all matters of communication, as well as translations or documentation are done to highest standards. All our employees keep improving their linguistic skills with in-house lessons and everyday conversations.

From the bottom up

Some basic marketing in the form of your apps profile for the app store, we include in our development service. ItCraft can establish various types of campaigns subsequently. Depending on your budget and target audience we will design appropriate content, prepare and launch the campaign, keep monitoring it for effects and adjust, update and continue running it according to your needs.

Measurable results

Mobile Marketing is a process, the effects of which are hard to measure accurately. Online marketing offers the chance to see the effects in real numbers. We use analytical tools providing us with numbers, which represent the reach and effectiveness of our work. We can learn from it what works, what needs improvement, and use it to report the effects of the campaign to you.