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Quality Assurance (QA) articles

Quality assurance (QA) and quality control are crucial processes in software developmentThese terms are used to cover all testing activities and quality management of products we create on a daily basis. We think that control of quality is so important because it helps us build even better web and mobile apps.

What is quality assurance?

One of our posts explains it perfectly:

Quality assurance (QA for short) is the area of production responsible for detecting issues and preventing failures. The goal is to provide the highest quality to the customers and to create a product or service that is compatible with requirements and expectations.

Quality assurance processes include all the activities that ensure the highest quality of software solutions we build for our clients. They include all forms of testing – manual and automated. Our team controls quality of apps, websites and everything we produce – because our goal is to give every brand we cooperate with something unique and efficient.

We use a quality management system to make sure we have everything under control when organizing our tests and other quality assurance stages. Each new product we work on receives individual treatment and that also includes quality assurance. We use verified solutions and good practices to detect bugs on time and provide applications that operate exactly as they should.

Why is quality assurance necessary?

There is no way to write code without any mistakes whatsoever. Like a book passed to an editor, a developed app is handed over to testers so they can browse for potential defects, errors, and mistakes. What’s worth mentioning here is that testing should happen at every stage of development and not only at the end. Why? Because bugs can pile up and editing finished code before the release of the product can cause delays. It’s definitely better to fix small problems regularly than face them all at one point.

That’s why we create blog posts about testing and similar topics – to give you an idea of why it is so crucial. Investing in collaboration with itCraft means you will get a quality assurance team that will use their skills to perfect your product. 

What can you find in our quality assurance blog posts?

Our QA articles cover the whole spectrum of solutions and principles essential for providing quality control and quality assurance that are in harmony with state of the art and our clients’ needs. We believe that sharing our expertise allows business owners to get what we are doing with their product and why it is necessary. This way, they can make better decisions during our collaboration, which will produce better outcomes in the future.

Quality Assurance (QA) articles

Here’s a detailed list of our essential quality assurance and quality control articles that you should read to learn more about the process of quality management at itCraft. We present fantastic tools we use and methodologies we work with. You will learn a lot from this content, so don’t hesitate to check the posts below.

Is quality assurance an agile process?

Agile software development is an article that discusses our approach in a more general sense. We describe in it how we build our products from scratch and why we use Agile to do so. You will learn from it how cooperation with a software house looks like.

Agile Scrum is a framework that is used to organize tasks, facilitate effective project management and achieve expected results without wasting time and resources. You can probably guess that accomplishing outstanding quality is one of the main goals of software houses that use Agile. For us, it’s extremely important to test every product on all development stages.

Quality assurance basics

In What is the role of quality assurance in software development? we explain why testing products is crucial and how we incorporate this process into our production system. You can learn from this post about the principles of quality management systems, the most popular types of tests and the difference between QA and QC.

If you want to really understand what quality assurance is all about – this article is the first source you should check.

Insights from our testers

On our blog, you get opinions from real experts hired at itCraft. They write articles to share their thoughts about their area of expertise. This way, they can educate our current and future clients and showcase the pros and cons of concrete solutions.

A quality controller from our quality management team decided to talk about quality assurance and disclose the details of our process in the article: Why test if it should be working? Mobile Quality Assurance – a tester’s perspective. We think you might find handy information in it.

Quality tools we love

Testing wouldn’t be so efficient and detailed if we didn’t support ourselves with test automation software. Right now, on our blog, you can find reviews of two such products. Check them out. Both were written by QA specialists with years of experience and exceptional skills.

What else?

We would also like to recommend a bunch of articles that describe the whole software development process and everything you can expect when collaborating with us. They will give you a clear vision of some subjects that might be confusing or uncertain.

How Much Does it Cost to Make An App in 2021? – This is the ultimate guide to web and mobile apps pricing. We estimate the costs of our services (including quality assurance) with all the details that might influence the final budget. Thanks to this article, you will find out why development isn’t cheap and how the price can vary for different types of apps.

Cross-platform vs native vs hybrid vs PWA development – Comparison of leading development technologies with all the advantages and drawbacks. We take a closer look at each option and determine what kind of projects they can be most suitable for. There are examples!

MVP app development – Lean and agile way to develop anything – To create high-quality apps, we perform many activities. That also means testing the concept alone. We want proof that your idea can be transformed into a valuable solution. That’s what MVP is for. In the article, we explore everything about that tool.

FAQ about QA

Quality assurance is a crucial stage of every digital project for one particular reason. It can prevent the software from defects that could compromise its performance and usability. An app that is not tested will probably have many bugs and issues, which can have a strongly negative impact on your brand’s image.

The names speak for themselves. Manual testing means taking particular devices, installing your digital product in them, and acting like your customers. Testers “walk” the user paths and look for malfunctions. They need to make sure everything goes exactly as planned. Automated tests are done not by humans but by dedicated software written by testers to perform specific tests automatically. For example, some tests check how the software handles heavy traffic or if the integrations with external sources provide expected results. Don’t worry, our QA department will recommend types of tests suitable for your particular product.

It’s a common practice to run tests only towards the end of the project, but at itCraft, we have a different approach. Our QA engineers are involved from the very beginning of the production process. They make sure most of the problems are detected early, which prevents them from escalating towards the end of the project when significant code changes can disrupt the whole product. As a result, you get high-quality software that looks and works exactly how required.

Hiring an internal testing crew can be costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing allows you to access a pool of talents for the duration of your project. itCraft takes care of everything. You only have to tell us about your needs. No matter if you do your project with us from scratch or you just need to hire a few testers, we’ve got your back.

Of course! If you are changing the IT provider or your existing app needs additional quality assurance, reach out to our consultants. We will help you to fix existing bugs, recommend optimization tweaks and help you update your software if you wish.

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You can expect more articles about quality assurance and quality control on our blog in the future. Our goal is to constantly share our knowledge and give you useful articles about processes we conduct at itCraft. 

We want you to understand better how we build our software products and what kind of resources are required to provide excellent quality for each of them.

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