Let’s meet at Wolves Summit

Have you ever heard about Wolves Summit? “Wolves Summit is not only a conference for startups, but also for investors, entrepreneurs, corporate representatives and SMBs.”

We are writing about that event because as itCraft we submitted two of our startups that are implemented and capitalized by our company. What is important is that BOTH of them (Yumer and Truckersky) qualified and became two out of 200 selected startups that are qualified to participate in Wolves Summit. Now we can take part in 1:1 meetings with corporations and investors.

See more information about Truckersky.
See more information about Yumer.

That is why 10-11 October itCraft is going to take part in the Wolves Summit in Warsaw. Join us and let’s network together!

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Paulina Chmielewska, Marketing Specialist

Creates strategies, plans activities, carries out campaigns and creates brand image. Mainly she focuses on e-marketing because is convinced that the Internet and new technologies are the future that happens now. She is open to people and ideas - mixing external output with her own experience, she seeks for ideal solutions.