Flutter App Development

Beautiful, native applications with Google’s own UI building framework. Natively compiled apps for Android and iOS from a single Dart codebase, without compromising on performance or quality.

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Flutter is…

Beautiful – Widget based UI building from natively designed elements (widgets),
Fast – 60fps rendering for smooth animations and seamless switching between screens,
Productive – Stateful hot reloading for ease and speed of introducing and viewing changes to code,
Open – Free & open source.


Flutter Development

Flutter let’s you create native apps for Android and iOS platforms using DART programming language. Single codebase for all platforms and stateful hot reloading allow for significant reduction in development time. Apps are built by dedicated team of Flutter developers. Both apps are built consecutively, without much need for coordination as is the case with separate Android and iOS teams. Widget-based nature of Flutter allows implementing UI elements (widgets) characteristic to a particular platform, making Flutter-made apps look, feel and work equally well as apps made in Swift (iOS) or Kotlin (Android).

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Google support

Flutter was created by Google. The company, besides being the world’s top search engine provider, has a wide offer of additional services for developers. Combining Flutter development with services like Google Maps, Google Cloud Services and many others gives you a wide palette of solutions to implement in your software. All with Google’s seal of quality.

Flutter Support & Maintenance

Throughout the development process and beyond, your Flutter team will keep your app fully functional, regularly updated, tested and bug-free. Working in the same technology for both Android & iOS platforms saves you time and money and guarantees the same people who created your app will maintain and support it throughout its lifecycle.

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Cross-platform vs. native development: the ultimate guide

No matter if you’re a startup founder or a part of a bigger enterprise – this ebook is for you. Maybe you work as a Product Owner, or a CTO? If your goal is to find out the pros and cons of cross-platform or native development, you are in the right place. You will find out what are the main features of these two solutions, what are the differences between them and how companies benefit by applying them to their mobile apps.

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