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Why is Outsourcing so crucial?

Flutter is the number one cross-platform framework available today and should be a consideration when planning any digital project your business has, especially when it comes to MVP and proof-of-concept projects.

itCraft is a leading Flutter application development company with the goal of solving the many challenges businesses face on a day-to-day basis by developing cross-platform applications which can be used on multiple devices. Whether your company is looking to build mobile apps with an intuitive user interface, or create a web or desktop application to solve an internal business need, Flutter is a powerful framework for creating amazing digital products using a single codebase. 

The simple fact that we can build good-looking, natively compiled digital products from one codebase, means that the use of Flutter is now helping companies to lower the costs, and increase the speed of development. 

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is a relatively new technology based on  the Dart programming language providing full native performance on both Android and iOS devices from a single codebase, and can be used for developing web and desktop applications as well.

Developed by Google to meet the demand for a next generation cross-platform technology, Flutter uses advanced features of many other languages, and offers quick development, excellent UI capabilities and native performance.

What does the Flutter application development process include?


Each project at itCraft begins with an in-person or online workshop. In this workshop, you and your key stakeholders meet with the various heads of each development phase and our business analysts.

We get to know your business and the problems you want to solve during this workshop and help you fine-tune your Flutter app in the market.

The workshop helps map out app features, understand the target audience, and even lay the first design foundations.

By the end of this workshop, all parties are on the same page about what needs to be achieved and how we will achieve it.


Documenting all features and priorities for the project is a crucial step in the success of your digital product development. Not only will we understand your goals and expectations, but we will all be working together to achieve the same result and in turn build the foundation of a long-term business relationship.

This documentation will also contain a DoD (Definition of Done), which is critical for our developers and forms the ‘acceptance criteria’ for every feature of your Flutter app.

By the end of this phase, our analysts and architects will have created all the documentation necessary, including system architecture documentation, for all parties involved to ensure the agile process can effectively be used to create a world-class application.

UX & UI Design

With a complete understanding of your business goals and target audience, we start the UX or User Experience design phase. Here, we create your app’s flow and your user’s general experience within your app.

UI, or user interface, is essentially what the user will see when interacting with your app. UI and UX work closely to ensure that the user can get the relevant information with ease.

Interactive prototyping

By the end of this phase, our designers will have created an interactive prototype that looks and feels just like your finished product.

This is the final design stage. From here, the development phase of your Flutter app begins.

Flutter app development

It’s at this point that our Flutter developers get to work on creating the code for your custom application. Your app starts to take shape thanks to our developers vast experience building apps for Android & iOS devices as well as web-based and desktop solutions, too. Relying on their expertise ensures that they build cross-platform apps that work well and do precisely what they need to do.

We use an agile Scrum methodology to develop your Flutter app, focusing on the highest business value of your business during every sprint. We give you a dedicated English-speaking Project Manager to manage the team and your expectations. 

You are always kept up-to-date with a dedicated communication channel with the team, daily update meetings, planning and demo sessions and continuous integration so you have the latest version of your app as it is being developed.

QA Testing

QA testing is an integral part of the development of any web or mobile app development. Consistent code quality, top-shelf security, and a smooth, cross-platform user experience are just a few benefits to come out of our thorough and rigorous testing phase.

Our QA engineers create test scenarios at the beginning of the project and work closely with our developers to ensure what is developed works on all devices.

Deployment & release

Your app will be hosted live in a staging environment during both the development and QA testing phases. It’s here where everything is given a final check and primed for release or even open to beta testers.

When you are ready to release your app to the market, our team will help you release your app on the Google Play and Apple Stores, and will be on-hand during the release phase as the users start to use and explore your web app’s facets.

Support & Maintenance

As a leading Flutter app development company, we can support your business past the release stage with ongoing support, maintenance, and other ongoing tasks. Our experts help find and solve any bugs or problems you or your users may have and gather accurate data and feedback from your app users. This information helps shape future updates and ensures that your users get the best problem-solving app, therefore maximizing your business’s returns.

Business & technical benefits of using Flutter

A key business benefit of using Flutter for your next digital product is the quick time to market. This benefit is evident as the single codebase is delivered by one developer. Any challenges the developer faces are not platform specific and only need to be solved once.

Your end users will be able to use your application which has a native look and feel, meaning a smooth user experience.

Quick Development

Flutter uses something called hot reload which makes it easier for developers to add features, build user interfaces and fix bugs faster.

The ‘hot reload’ feature allows developers to review any changes almost instantly without affecting the current application state. This alone significantly increases the development pace.

Ideal for an MVP

Flutter is ideal for an MVP or proof-of-concept. Less engagement and faster turnaround means less budget required to test your concept or have a commercially-ready product available for all platforms very quickly. This allows you to test your assumptions on real users without any limitations to the devices they own. 

Excellent UI (UI Consistency)

With the expectations of the end user in mind, Flutter has developed a way of laying out an application’s look by using widgets and creating advanced UI. Flutter does not require any platform-specific user interface components to render the UI. The way Flutter renders means consistent UI across different platforms.

Native Performance

With Flutter you can achieve full native performance on both Android and iOS as the widgets have incorporated all critical platform differences, like scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts.

With Flutter there is no need to create any platform-specific code to achieve the desired user interface in your app thanks to the declarative API for building UI.

Google-supported plugins

Flutter has a vast number of plugins supported by Google allowing developers to take advantage of operating system features like Bluetooth and GPS, meaning there are very few technical limitations.

Flexible API calls

If there are no plugins available for your app, Flutter also has a flexible system that allows you to call platform-specific APIs whether available in Kotlin or Java code on Android, or in Swift or Objective-C code on iOS.

Why itCraft

itCraft, your Flutter development company

At itCraft, we see many commercial advantages to using the Flutter technology. Whether you need to develop a proof-of-concept, build an MVP, maintain your existing Flutter mobile apps, or create a complete custom software system, itCraft has the Flutter development services you need.

Even though it is a relatively new technology, itCraft has developed a number of commercial applications and is recognized as a trusted Flutter app development company by startups and established businesses across the world. Our Flutter app developers have the skills, expertise, and experience to design, develop and support any type of Flutter application you can think of.

Team augmentation of Flutter developers

Already have the designers, testers and managers you need to create an app? Hire Flutter app developers from itCraft, whether it’s one, two or several. We can add the Flutter expertise to your team to make your next project a success.

End-to-end, custom Flutter app development

Our team is able to help you create desktop applications, web applications, Android and iOS mobile apps using Flutter from scratch.

We provide you with an experienced team that can help you even from your initial product ideation phase. We can help you create all the documentation you require in order to come up with a detailed development plan for your project. After evaluating the user personas and value proposition of your digital product, our designers work on wireframing, prototyping and visual design so that you have everything you will need to make the development of your app a success.

Once all design assets are complete, our development team can start turning those designs into clean, fully-functioning code which will deliver the goals you set out at the beginning of the project. This includes frontend development using the Flutter framework, any backend development required fully supported by DevOps, architects, a Project Manager and QA engineers who create test scenarios and ensure the code works on all devices.

Flutter maintenance and support

Do you have an existing MVP, web or mobile app built with Flutter? Looking for a reliable and experienced team to help with maintenance, support and upgrading it? itCraft is the Flutter app development company to help you do exactly that.

We spend the time to get to know your business and the role cross-platform app development plays in your company so that we can ensure your Flutter app keeps doing what it needs to do.

Ready to start your new Flutter mobile project?

React Native is a framework that enables web developers to create mobile applications using their existing JavaScript knowledge without sacrificing quality or user experience. While it offers fast and efficient mobile app development, it does have its setbacks in the sense that it can only be used with JavaScript.

Flutter and Dart are a toolkit and language respectively, designed from the ground up with the sole purpose of being a way to create cross-platform applications from scratch.

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding Flutter development is ‘how much does it cost to build an app using Flutter’?

For any mobile or web app project, without understanding your business goals and priorities and what your end users are expecting,it is difficult to give an accurate idea of pricing based on a simple concept. It is true that developing one codease, as opposed to two separate Android and iOS codebases, is up to 40 to 50% quicker, but that doesn’t mean you will save half of your budget by using Flutter.

The reality is that building world-class apps is a team sport and requires more than just one Flutter developer. In order to build a world-class application you will also need UX/UI designers, QA engineers, backend developers, a DevOps engineer and maybe a few more depending on your project requirements, including a Project Manager. An individual Flutter developer isn’t cheaper to hire than an Android or iOS developer, but the cost you save by having just one frontend developer instead of two (e.g. Kotlin & Swift) in your development team means that you can save between 15-20% of the overall production cost by choosing Flutter as opposed to using native Android and native iOS frameworks.

Simply put, one Flutter dev equals two native devs. With a native feel to your app, cheaper development costs and a digital product you can get into the hands of all your users means success for your MVP.

Flutter is a versatile tool and can be used to add new elements to an existing Android or iOS application. However, each application is unique and requires a detailed assessment. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Your app will resonate with users if it’s unique. However, creating something truly unique requires a lot of work. Hiring a team of Flutter developers isn’t generally cheaper than dedicated iOS or Android developers, but it can be cheaper to hire an entire team to develop a Flutter app. Reach out to our experts to get a detailed timeline and price for creating your Flutter app with itCraft.

As the old saying goes, you have to strike while the iron is hot. Getting your digital product to market quicker than your competition can be the difference between success and failure. As you have already read, one of the most prominent benefits of building an app with Flutter is that you can launch your MVP sooner, and get it in the hands of more users. 

Many businesses, especially startups, require a functioning product before investors will sink any money into your idea. If you are looking for funding for your project, Flutter is an ideal solution for the reasons above – quick time to market, native look and feel, quicker development and so on. Most startups are boot-strapping their product development and are looking for ways of saving money. Flutter offers you the opportunity to build a native-feeling application, which can compete against other applications built with platform-specific technologies, with less team engagement, meaning you can launch your digital product quicker while using less of your budget.

The UI quality Flutter provides will be equally impressive to your end users and potential investors alike. It will also make your product stand out from other products built with a poorer choice of technology. Creating two individual mobile apps with native interfaces and another web app is costly, complex and time-consuming. Flutter solves that, as Flutter mobile app development is also cross-platform app development.

As you read earlier, Flutter is a creation of Google, and, as a result, many new Flutter features are rolled out regularly. This means that Flutter app development is ever-changing, and there are constantly more features that you can add to your app

More resources on app development with Flutter

Do you need more? As a leading Flutter app development company in Europe, we regularly create content about what we learn, implement and discover, and general thoughts and insights about big data, web design, cloud computing, app development, and more. Take a look below for blogs and resources dedicated to those topics.

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