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Flutter for mobile apps – is it a good choice?

Jakub Turkowski

Technical Content Writer

The Flutter toolkit was released in 2017, so it’s been a while since it become the heart-stealing platform for many developers. Flutter – the portable UI toolkit – is very popular now. No wonder, as skilled devs can craft visually breathtaking, natively compiled apps for diverse platforms. Yes, Flutter can be used for mobile apps, web apps, and desktop type from a single codebase. Furthermore, Flutter is free, so it serves software developers all-around-the-globe. So, are there any other reasons to choose Flutter and hire Flutter developers for your new project? Keep reading, we’ll tell you more.

Flutter is very popular among devs – why?

And when we say ‘very popular’, we have the numbers. According to Statista, Flutter was the second ‘most wanted library, framework, or tool among developers worldwide’ in 2022, just after TensorFlow. One of the reasons the developers love Flutter is that it makes development much faster and easier than ‘traditional’ technologies. It uses a reactive programming language, which is called ‘Dart’. Dart is an object-oriented language that puts user interface first. Why is UI so important? You can see more here, in our other article.

What makes Flutter so special, is the fact that devs can forge a single app for both iOS and Android at the same time. Only one codebase is required. Thus, a cross-platform mobile app development is now an easy and smooth thing to do for Flutter developers. Shorter development time means shorter time-to-market, so this is a factor that should not be underestimated, if one wants to stay ahead of the competition.

Flutter – what else it has to offer?

So, we know that Flutter accelerates the development process. But there’s more to Flutter than just speeding up the work. As we already mentioned, it is free and it’s an open-source thing. Flutter is also rich in its own widgets. This means crafting custom app design is kind of like a walk in the park. Furthermore, the Flutter developer is able to use readily available UI elements following specific platforms’ guidelines. Smooth and easy. That’s a vital advantage.

What about the architecture? Flutter’s is based on reactive programming. This allows fast edits, integration APIs, as well as customized use of native components. Let’s sum things up now. Flutter is faster, easy-to-use, and has a massive number of own widgets. Now the question that most people want to ask, but sometimes do hesitate to do it. What about money? Well, good news here. As Flutter is free and open source, and enables high-speed development, it also reduces the costs of development. And there’s still more to it, in terms of advantages.

The pros of Flutter – explained

  • Instantly implement changes in Flutter

Apart from single codebase, there is one thing that is super-useful. Namely, the ‘Hot-Reload’ feature. What is it? Flutter’s Hot-Reload enables seeing the effects of changes in the code in just seconds (or even faster). Like, voilà, the changes are implemented straight away. Hey, this not only accelerates work for devs. It means that it helps add features, fix bugs, and experiment hastily. Now that’s ‘real speed’. Of course, some changes require more time. If you need to check what are the Hot-Reload limitations – check here.

  • Best solution for cross-platform development

Got a project for two different platforms? An android app and iOS app should be launched fast, and you wonder if the deadlines are too tight? Well, Flutter solves that problem. Flutter developers write a single codebase that covers both Android and iOS. Flutter has its own widgets, so you will have the same native app, on both platforms.

  • Craft high-performance apps with Flutter

We don’t need to bring up the numbers again, as it is obvious – when apps freeze or crash, it’s highly likely that users are going to abandon them. But with Flutter, there’s no such problem looming ahead. Flutter apps work in a smooth and fast way, thanks to the Dart language. Dart allows for compiling customizable native code that will remain predictable in a single codebase. Oh, and the Hot-Reload feature is also helpful.

  • Visually attractive user interfaces

Of course, apps have to be functional and help users make their lives easier. But the eye-candy factor is also crucial these days. As Flutter has its widgets, the devs get more control over the look and feel of the mobile app. And it applies to both Android and iOS apps at the same time. This is something that’s a tough challenge in ‘regular’ cross-platform development.

  • Perfect pick for building MVP

A meeting with investors is scheduled soon, and you need an MVP for your mobile app? Flutter is the perfect option. The development process is much faster, the widgets help craft a visually attractive user interface. You see, Flutter is just the best for creating a customized application experience. 

Flutter advantages – briefly

Let’s make this easier to digest. Here’s a list of Flutter’s advantages. You will know why it’s a viable option to choose Flutter and/or hire top Flutter developers from us.

  • Faster development – uses Dart programming language compiled into native code,
  • Covers cross-platform development – the same code for Android and iOS apps,
  • Used for web apps – can serve for creating beautiful and functional web applications,
  • Has its own widgets – it’s easy to create beautiful and custom user interfaces,
  • It’s an open-source – has a growing and loyal community of developers,
  • Google backs Flutter – well, it’s Google’s child, so no need for explanation here,
  • Easy debugging – Dart Analyzer and the DevTools suite help find & fix bugs fast,
  • Different screen adaptability – crafting apps for diverse devices is a piece of cake,
  • Hardware and software utilization – camera, GPS, fingerprint scanner – all covered.

The thing is that Flutter experts are rare. But worry not, our pros have the skills and expertise to Flutter. So, if you are looking for top-notch talents in the Flutter field, we got your back. Tell us more about your project, each success starts with a conversation.

Jakub Turkowski

Technical Content Writer

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