What our clients say about us

Highly recommended for mobile and web. Professional approach at every phase of a Postepic app design: discussion of the order and understanding of the desired final effect, suggesting possible solutions, verification, planned execution of works, supporting implementation.

Łukasz Konofalski
Founder at POSTEPIC

ItCraft is a perfect partner to execute interesting challenges. Thanks to their non-trite and individual approach execution of our project turned from a challenge into an adventure. Their knowledge and experience let us carry out ideas that seemed very difficult or even impossible.

Jack Buskiewicz
Co-owner at AJJ Capital Fund

itCraft team featured with involvement in the project. The company understood the needs of crossfitters. That is why the picked the solutions adequate to implement web application that achieve the assumptions and support trainers and trainees. I would like to commend the full support of the team since the conception and analysis of the project up to implementation and distribution.

Radosław Paruzel

ItCraft team was deeply engaged and adjusted the application to our requirements. Communication was always accurate and efficient both during the analysis as well as consultations during the project execution. itCraft met all deadlines during the process of development of the product and maintained quality standards.

Ronny Petersen
IT Services at FRACHT AG

ItCraft team was professional during every phase of works, from the project analysis to its implementation. Thanks to their wide experience and involvement we could develop every element of the application together, including its efficiency and comfort of use.

Szymon Horaczuk
Partner and Member of the Management Board at HomeDoctor Sp. z o.o.

The process of designing, production and implementation of the app was very smooth. We received full support from itCraft during every phase. Despite a tight schedule, employees showed full professionalism and involvement which let us conclude the project within the planned timeframe. Everything was adjusted to our needs and requirements.

Tomasz Jędraszczyk
Marketing Director at Topsecret

ItCraft Company, the manufacturer and licenser of the SupraCare software successfully carried out all phases of implementing a big IT solution for our centre. Analysis of needs, software configuration, installation and series of training for our personnel went smoothly and as planned. All the commitments resulting from the software maintenance are fulfilled in a careful and professional manner.

M.D. Mirosław Wróbel
a Chairman of the Board LUXMED TABITA Sp. z o.o. at LUXMED TABITA Sp. z o.o.

We have collaborated with itCraft for several years through our partnership on the SupraCare joint venture, a technology for care support and optimisation in long term care (LTC) facilities. itCraft has proven to be a sound business partner, responsible for design, product development and technology implementation services. Our experience shows that itCraft delivers high quality of work on every step of a project. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the team from itCraft as PCG grows its global footprint.

Richard Maguire
International Practice Director at Public Consulting Group