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Sodexo is an international company that offers motivational services, catering and real estate attendance. They hire 420 000 employees in 80 countries, which makes them one of the 20 most prominent employers in the world.


The main difficulty in unifying the procedure of communication was the necessity of sending individual email messages. Also, there was no factual support during the process of unit overviewing. Lack of the administrative panel that would aggregate all the submissions was another big problem.


The app received positive responses from a group of users, mostly because it helped them to shorten the time of performed activities. Thanks to our application, we could standardize the procedure – which was unified in 10 countries that Sodexo operates in.

Technical Objective

We wanted to give the Sodexo employees substantive and technical support they deserved. Our idea was to create a system for work reporting that would also allow the workers to control all the submitted information.

It was essential to deliver the app in many language versions so that it could be available for all Sodexo employees around the world.

Technical Strategy

We’ve decided to develop dedicated mobile apps
for most popular operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows.

This way, we could reach the full range of Sodexo workers,
no matter what kind of hardware they use.

Technical Solution

With the app that has 8 language versions, people of Sodexo received a solution that supports their daily tasks at work. It not only allows them to report their actions, but also they can add photo records, so all the collected pieces of information are detailed and complete.

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