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With Seaber’s owner being tech savvy and more than 1 million members of boating clubs all over Norway, Seaber wanted to leverage mobile technology to enhance the user’s experience of the Boatfinder GPS equipment.


With a successful launch of the MVP in July 2019 and further backend development and stabilisation, Seaber has become an industry innovator within social boating and for tracking leisure craft boat giving boat owners peace of mind, which was the desired goal of the Seaber company owners.

Technical Objective

The main objectives of the Seaber app were to create a social network among boat owners users and to give the user more information about their boat when it is not in use through the Boatfinder device. One feature of the app was to connect to the Boatfinder GPS tracker, installed inside the boat, and use the information to notify users of any unusual activity like a boat being stolen or any unplanned movements of the craft.

The app also had to let users message each other allowing them to offer and receive help when boats ran out of fuel, during engine breakdowns and other minor issues to reduce the need to engage emergency services. It also had to give users access to online maps from the mapping authority of Norway using standard S57 and S52 data.

Technical Solution

A pre-engineering workshop took place at Seaber’s headquarters in Norway
to establish the business requirements and create
the development specification based on User Stories.

During the development phase, the following technical solutions were implemented:
the backend to receive notifications from the GPS trackers, necessary specialised APIs,
the frontend using native Android and iOS frameworks, Integration of MapBox mapping software.

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