Optimize the individual caregiving plans and work schedule

DPS Syrena

PL | Healthcare

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Nursing home from Warsaw that hosts around 150 people. They hire caregivers, therapists, medical specialists and other personnel. What’s unique about DPS Syrena is that they test innovative solutions for the city to find out if they can be implemented in other similar facilities.


Optimizing, organizing and automating many tasks that the employees had to do daily. Until our collaboration started, the nursing home planned and scheduled everything on paper. They also wanted to analyze their operations and determine which areas need improvements and the exact costs of running the place.


Since the beginning of our collaboration in 2017, there were over 2 million tasks planned using the system. The personnel of DPS Syrena positively reviewed it. The planning process became paperless, which helped the nursing home to save around 2-3 thousand sheets of paper yearly. 

Now, the staff understands the needs of their residents when it comes to the number of present caregivers and what are the costs of all the operations. The quality, performance and safety of work were significantly raised. The system also improved communication between team members, provided flexibility in scheduling workdays, and enabled them to react quickly in case of any emergencies.

Technical Objective

We needed to create a whole system to manage the work of the entire nursing home. That included supervisors and workers. We’ve decided that the best results can be achieved with a synergy of a web app and a mobile app that communicate with database and backend. We’ve organized plenty of workshop meetings to present the whole system’s concept and then adjust it to the client’s requirements.

Technical Solution

The whole system was developed using Java and consists of two main components – a web app and a native mobile app for tablets with the Android operating system. We integrated the platform with other functionalities – for example, cards that can access the software and open doors in the facility, depending on the authorization. In the future, we would like to create more features that will also be used by patients. The city of Warsaw decided to centralize and unify the procedures and apply this system to all nursing homes within its jurisdiction.

Technical Strategy

We’ve started the whole project by discussing the idea. Our consultants were observing the facility to determine how each role was handling their duties. We had to sketch the whole process that was previously managed on paper and verbally.

After implementation and training, the pilot program has begun. It lasted 12 months and afterwards, we could introduce additional fixes and updates. The decision about further collaboration allowed us to grow the product to serve more nursing homes in Poland’s capital city.