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Top 5 software development trends in 2023

Jakub Turkowski

Technical Content Writer

Top 5 software development trends in 2023

There’s no doubt about that software development is the key to business growth. What will shape the industry in 2023, and which fields will provide developers with new opportunities to hone their skills (and to stay ahead of the curve)? Well, that’s what you will find out from this article. Get ready and keep reading to know what are the top 5 software development trends in 2023. Let’s go!

Internet of Things

The network of physical objects (here called “Things”) is here to make businesses collect and analyze massive amounts of data in order to make better decisions. A plethora of devices that are embedded with sensors, technologies, and software exchange information over the Internet. What does this IoT provide?

  • Automation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Controlling

What industries benefit the most from IoT? These are the banking, healthcare, and finance industries. But hey, anyone can enjoy IoT – i.e., at smart home, with Siri, Alexa, or Google. Moreover, IoT can be found in various modern solutions, like autonomic vehicles, plant electronic systems, roofs, lighting, or even cement plants. 

JavaScript for Web App Development

JavaScript is widely preferred for web app development, as it’s a high-level, object-oriented, and event-driven language. JavaScript is used for server-side and client-side applications, as well as dynamic web pages. These apps run on any device, and that makes it one of the top well-suited software development trends. By the way – are you looking for JavaScript experts? We got them.

Augmented Reality

Most people think of entertainment, when they hear the term “Augmented Reality”. Sure, the gaming industry is becoming packed with AR, as it overlaps digital information in the reality with various devices, like smartphones, sensors, and cameras. It definitely enhances the gaming experience.

But AR is present in other fields, and it’s doing well there – i.e., in e-commerce. AR can really make life easier – for example, imagine you want to redesign your home. You can use Augmented Reality to check how pieces of furniture would look in your apartment, without all the hustle related to moving things around. Cool, right? 

AR is also useful for marketing purposes – with AR, businesses can provide many more details about their products or services. That’s how you can boost customer experience from the very start.

Progressive Web Applications

Saving resources is crucial in business, isn’t it? How about saving space on any device, so the users can also enjoy that benefit? It’s possible with Progressive Web Applications. In short, PWA is a website that looks and behaves as a mobile app, but it can be accessed through a web browser and does not require any additional space on the mobile device.

PWAs enable businesses to provide a consistent experience, regardless of the used device, platform, or operating system. Now that’s not only cool in terms of saving space, but also for a high-quality user experience. Moreover, PWAs offer seamless web experience – i.e., push notifications or offline connectivity.

Microservices Architecture

Minimizing the risk of dependencies can really take much stress off the shoulders of developers. Well, there is a way to break down complex applications into smaller and independent services and functions. And it’s like each part has its realm of responsibility.

That kind of architecture involves the adoption of Cloud and container development. 

How does it work? The services communicate through APIs. These are easily manageable, and the best part is that they can be updated separately, without having an impact on the rest of the application. So, Microservices Architecture helps develop flexible and scalable solutions.


To stay ahead of the game, it is best to stay tuned to the top trends. There are more that businesses should pay attention to, namely:

We shall explore the other top trends in a different article. So, you see, the industry is constantly evolving, and some trends are basically a must to stay on top in the market. We know what trends are on the rise and which ones are going to be a standard in the future. We can help you craft a remarkable solution, as we are experts in software development.

Jakub Turkowski

Technical Content Writer

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