CRM that allows the maintenance of all activities associated with assembling the car monitoring devices


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A Polish company that offers innovative and complex services for vehicle monitoring. Tronik produces devices and software, assembles and maintains them and helps companies to optimize their fleet management. They’ve been awarded several times for their accomplishments.


Tronik’s main goal was to create a system to easily manage all assembly appointments and build positive relationships with clients. The employees responsible for assemblies would be able to optimize their work and report the effects. It would also simplify the process of sales.


The project has ongoing status since 2016. After the release, we were working on product expansion, as well as minor updates and fixes.

The web and mobile app provide multiple services to both clients and Tronik workers. They are simple tools that make everyday work and management much more comfortable.

Technical Objective

A well-designed CRM was something that Tronik needed. It includes a couple of modules that allow the maintenance of all activities associated with assembling the car monitoring devices.

Technical Solution

An easy-to-use system allows the technical reps to take photos and send them directly to the database. This way, their supervisors know what was done and where. The backend was developed in Java. Angular was used to create frontend, client’s panel and CRM system. The whole product integrates with Optima – a popular ERP used by many companies in Poland.

The mobile app is available only for Android devices and was written in Java.

Technical Strategy

The CRM we’ve developed for Tronik includes a couple of features that gives the workers complete control over the entire business process. It allows them to manage the appointments, contracts, subscriptions and issue submissions.

But this system was not the only product we’ve decided to make. The mobile app and the client’s panel were built to create an advanced system for employees and clients. They do not only display new information about the company but also allow to track invoices and financial operations.