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A company from Poland wanted to create something unique – a mobile application for sailors that would allow them to use features specifically developed for their workgroup.


Lack of a straightforward tool that would give the sailors a possibility to track their days on the sea, find new jobs and track their certificates. It is essential to know how much time the worker has spent on the cruise because the law requires a certain period spent on the land. The product would also allow companies to post hirings. With certificates, it would remind them when it’s time to renew them.


All the people working on the sea gained a useful tool that helps them organize their work and remember all the important dates. They can also browse for new job opportunities and automatically apply to them through the mobile application.

Technical Objective

We’ve decided to create a couple of software products – a website, an administration panel and client’s panel, as well as two native apps for both most popular operating systems. Each of these would have a different purpose.

The app would be available to all users and allow them to create their resume and automatically reply to job offers. The admin panel allows managing the whole system. And the webpage would be a simple product site that would promote the SeaMan’s Book.

Technical Solution

The admin’s panel was built using PHP with Symfony Framework.
The administrator can control advertisements, maintain users and moderate activities within the app.
As for employers, they can easily add and edit job offers.

Two native apps for Android and iOS ensure stability, excellent performance and pixel-perfect interfaces.
It offers push notifications, email reminders and all the mentioned functionalities.

Technical Strategy

To make the app accessible, we’ve decided to develop two native products for Android and iOS. Picking native solutions gave us the freedom to introduce as many complex functionalities as were required.

That was an essential goal of the whole project – to offer scalability and natural expansion whenever needed. We had to implement modular elements that could be changed if necessary. The app also had ads functionality added.

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