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Why is Outsourcing so crucial?

We’re known for creating award-winning, custom software – web and mobile apps – for startups and enterprise clients. We have top software developers, we embrace emerging technologies, we have the technical expertise, as well as experience in business operations, business processes, and business analysis (for more than a decade). What makes us stand out from the crowd of other top software development companies is that we always put people first. That means both users and clients. We are the custom software development company that provides tailor-made, rock-solid business solutions and software systems. So, if you need mobile application development experts, we’re here.

When you outsource your digital software needs to itCraft, you’ll never have to worry about project management, workflow organization or the quality of the final result. We will not only successfully complete project, but also steal the hearts of your target audience with compelling UX UI design and advanced technologies. We know what digital transformation is about – custom solutions are our bread and butter. What will you get from collaboration with us – the software development company based in New York City? You’ll get a dedicated team to support you on your journey from idea to implementation and maintenance. You can also get managed services or staff augmentation for your current projects. Briefly – our software development agency will deliver anything you need. From top software developers, to support in digital transformation and technology solutions that include Artificial Intelligence (if needed). We got it, just name it – enterprise app modernization, technology consulting, commerce development, web solutions, strategy consulting, security management, expert software team, mobile apps, anything. We are the optimal choice for a software development company in New York, NY. Keep reading to find out why we are a better option than other software development companies in New York City.

Mobile app development company in NYC

Basic information

Mobile apps rule the world. And that’s a fact. Year by year, they gain revenue and continue to replace websites as the leading source of online information, entertainment and work support. That’s why you need a mobile development company. There’s potential for almost any industry, and thanks to multiple frameworks, we can create tailor-made iOS and Android apps that are visually stunning and highly functional. We do enterprise app modernization, but, of course, we do web development services and mobile development – other software development companies may not provide such a wide range of services (we implement Artificial Intelligence when it’s vital). Our software developers have the experience, so web development is also one of our specialties. So, if you’re looking for top-notch software development services in New York City – here we are.

Android App Development

There are so many devices running on Android that it would be impossible to list them all. Smartphones, tablets, even smartwatches from multiple companies have decided to go with this operating system. If you want to reach clients all around the world, you need a robust Android mobile app. We’ll help you create and test it thoroughly to make sure it looks great and works seamlessly on all screen sizes and hardware.

iOS App Development

In the US, Apple devices are unquestionably the most popular mobile devices. iOS is a system that attracts people with its simplicity, reliability and performance. Having an app for iPhones and iPads is a must in today’s world. Our specialists have built countless mobile solutions for Apple hardware. They appreciate this operating system because of its usability and accessibility.

Flutter Development Company in New York

Having a mobile app for both Android and iOS is crucial if you want to reach all potential clients. Global enterprises and aspiring startups don’t want to overlook the opportunity to connect with people using different devices. Flutter, a cross-platform framework, is used to build apps that share one codebase but can be used on both operating systems. Using it can save you money without giving up the quality of your digital product.

Web app development company in NYC

We also create web applications that can be used by your clients or internally by your team. Our developers use modern technologies and the best industry practices to build digital products with excellent performance. We create robust backends that process your data and control all operations, as well as stunning, interactive frontends that will grab your audience’s attention and make them fall in love with your software.

Machine Learning app developers in New York

Machine learning is a trend that we’ve already implemented in several projects. Yours can be next. If you need an innovative digital solution that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and offers a better customer experience, we can help. This way, your app will gain the ability to analyze data, predict particular results and propose specific content to each user. Depending on the type of product you want to develop, we’ll adapt the machine learning algorithm to your specific needs and requirements.

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Mobile app development company - workshops

Why work with us?

It’s a complete collaboration offer where you’re still an active member of the team, and we’ll take care of everything. We build complete solutions that support companies in various industries, and we value your insight as a product owner in software projects. Which other software development companies in New York do that? Need enterprise software? Sure. Commerce development? Great. Digital marketing? We also know that one.

There are many benefits to collaborating with itCraft – the top-notch software company in New York City. We help businesses around the world innovate. We work with enterprise companies and with smaller businesses. With us, you can expect:

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Support from our consultants in all stages of production

2-days of UX/UI workshops to meet the team and discuss your product

A dedicated project manager that will update you on progress and help you communicate with team members

The latest digital technologies at itCraft

An agile team of designers and developers to create a product according to your suggestions and business requirements

Quality assurance specialists that test the software at each stage

Additional services like branding, marketing audits and recommendations, maintenance, and further growth of your digital solution

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Basic information

Our refined work style guarantees spectacular results in every collaboration. It’s because it is based on our years of experience building software for various industries and business models. That makes us the best software development company in New York City. We do not only deliver world-class software development services, we always focus on users’ needs. And we always approach our clients individually, so if you need adjustments, let us know. We can also provide managed services and staff augmentation, as well as UX UI audits – whatever you need, we got it. Do you know any other best software development companies in New York with such a wide spectrum of services? Here’s what makes us a better choice – other software development companies in New York are not so budget-friendly.

Working with us, you’ll become an active part of our team. Your insight is crucial for us to build products that are perfect for your users. Here are the stages of our process:

UX/UI Workshops

Two days of workshops and meetings where we get to know each other, discuss the project’s details, gather requirements, create user stories, and  prepare the first wireframes.


Our team prepares several prototypes and mockups to test the product before creating the visual side with all architecture, interactions and features. 


Time for production – our programmers write code that makes your software functional. Depending on the type of product and chosen technologies, there might be separate teams for each part of the app.

Quality assurance

Testing is essential at every stage of product creation, so quality assurance happens throughout the process. We want your product to work properly and look as it should.


When the software has been finished and tested, it’s time for release. You can count on our support in that department. Your app will be published in the chosen app stores and the website will go live.


Further adjustments, updates and technical fixes are included. You can count on us even after the project is complete. And if you want to continue working together, we can definitely make that happen.

Top software development company in New York, NY

Our clients are award-winning startups and enterprises from a variety of sectors such as telemedicine, finance, logistics, e-commerce and more. We’ve worked with companies from almost every continent, and providing high-quality software is our ultimate goal.

What else can we give you?

Individualized approach to the project

We can offer additional services suitable to your project requirements because we know every product is unique. We believe that an individualized approach is always best, so let us know what you need. Our team isn’t afraid of challenges, and we’re always eager to learn new things. Speaking of which, you can expect us to be up-to-date with industry novelties and current trends. That’s because we want to give you modern solutions that will answer your clients’ needs.

Knowledge sharing

If you’re looking to learn more, we regularly host webinars, release free ebooks and publish articles on our blog. We want to share our expertise and educate our current and future clients about software development secrets.

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Check out testimonials from our satisfied clients. If you want to join them, reach out. We’ll discuss your idea and transform it into a robust, efficient digital product that’s sure to become a mainstay of your business.

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