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10 years on the market, 250+ developed apps and a professional team of more than 100 tech enthusiasts – that’s itCraft in numbers. Our expertise and passion for software development helped us win clients like Lux Med (Bupa Group), Home Doctor, Medicover, MEDI system, Sodexo, InterCars, and more. We’re proud to be acknowledged as an industry leader on portals like Clutch and Mobile App Daily.

itCraft’s mission is to consistently deliver high-quality digital innovations to businesses around the world. We provide complex software production services to established corporations and promising startups in the MedTech industry. 

How we can help you

Take a look and see what we can do to help you kickstart your digital journey!

Discovery Call

A short introduction call that typically lasts for 10-15 minutes. Our experts will get to know you and your business better and understand your objectives, requirements and challenges. At this point, we’ll determine if the consultation call is needed and what are the opportunities we should capitalize on during our collaboration.

It will cost you NOTHING, so just email us and our expert will get back to you.

Consultation Call

During this call, we will analyze your idea in more detail and discuss existing solutions. The goal is to strategize our collaboration and prepare your project for the next steps. Usually, the outcome is an agreed date for workshops to gather technical requirements for your MVP, propose adequate improvements and plan the beginning of the development stage.

What else can you expect from a consultation call?

  • Defining your market proposition and competitive advantage.
  • Analyzing other market leaders and finding your unique selling points.
  • Determining the strong points of your business and potential risks.
  • Recommendations based on our experience and your individual requirements.

We work with tools like Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas to deliver the best results in the shortest time. Our mission is to give you everything, including documentation or UX/UI design, you will need to take the next step in your digital journey.

Standard price is €149 for an hour consultation call.

We also offer a 4-hour bundle for €499

We worked with:

What our clients say about working with us

Co-Owner & CTO
Swedish Healthcare Platform

There were no problems and we're really happy that we chose itCraft. It was a good decision. We had really good contact all the time and we talked over Slack, phone calls, and in-person. There was really nice communication between us. I was also impressed by the main architect. I would say that you can trust itCraft. There were no problems and we're really happy that we chose itCraft. It was a good decision.

Development of Web Application
for Accounting Services

We started with a general idea and charts for the document flow. The team learned our business and processes between the app and our customers to make the first description of our requirements. They started the development and made a first implementation of the web app. Their team’s positive attitude is the most impressive thing about them. They tried to solve the problem before asking for any money. itCraft is also quick and open to our ideas. They’ve never dismissed anything as stupid. They’ve listened to us and tried to find the best, most cost-effective solutions for our business.

Construction Startup

We came up with the first idea, design, and concepts, and documented requirements. I sent it to them and they planned how to implement everything. We had a lot of changes because it was our first project. They helped us improve the concept and provided consultation in the beginning until we had our first product. Then they led the technological development. They outlined what tech stack would be the best way to achieve our goals.


ItCraft team was professional during every phase of works, from the project analysis to its implementation. Thanks to their wide experience and involvement we could develop every element of the application together, including its efficiency and comfort of use.


We have 42 great reviews on Clutch

Our Achievement

In 2020, an app we’ve developed called HomeDoctor received €3,7 million Series A funding becoming a multi-million Poland-based startup. We are proud to be a part of this project and contributing to its success.

HomeDoctor uses sophisticated mobile and web-based technologies to arrange home visits for patients requiring medical attention, with a current average 43 minutes wait time.

That’s just one of the examples of how our business orientated mindset helped our clients grow and become a leader in this competitive market.


Bartosz Pieślak - Your MedTech Expert

Bartosz is a co-founder of itCraft, one of Europe’s leading software houses specializing in web and mobile technologies. With extensive experience working with startups and large enterprises in the medical sector, Bartek has become a leading consultant and expert for telemed projects all over the world.

His knowledge and expertise will guide you through the toughest of the processes that are ahead of you.

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What happens after the consultation calls?

Find out the next steps!


We advise you, answer your questions, challenge your ideas and become a vital member of your team. After robust conversations with our expert team not only will you understand the development process, you will also have peace of mind how to maximize the potential of your project! 

What can you expect from our workshop?

  • Defined user stories
  • Development Road Map
  • Precise cost estimation
  • Technical documentation
  • System Architecture recommendation report


Our clients are charged for a number of hours dedicated to their project, based on a 7-hour effective workday (1 hour is taken for internal meetings, training and other activities which are not billed).

Working in Agile Scrum allows greater flexibility, agility and the opportunity to adjust requirements, shift directions, replace features, and involve potential users to get the very product they need.

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The Future of E-Health: Your Guide to MedTech Development

Watch itCraft’s co-founder and telemed mobile expert, Bartosz Pieslak, and AI expert and co-founder of Presagen Dr Don Perugini as they discuss the current trends and the future of e-health and what you need to consider if you are launching an eHealth solution or if you are looking to modernize your current products. They will touch on business models, system types and budget requirements for your project, as well as AI in the medical industry.