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Why is Outsourcing so crucial?

Elevate your business to the highest possible level with the help of digital products. Trust us, web and mobile apps are still trending and each year, they are conquering the market even more. Having your own tailor-made software is the best to reach out to your new and existing clients, build a strong relationship with them and sell your products and services. Our mission is to help startups and enterprises to do just that because we believe our work can provide actual value to people.

Mobile app development company in Dubai

Basic information

We are almost 100% certain that you want to build an app for your business. If you don’t, that will probably change sooner than later. Why are we so sure about it? Year-to-year statistics show how the market of mobile apps is conquering the online world. Not having this type of digital product means you are unavailable for many clients that could become your devoted fans and buyers. People’s habits change and they rather use a smartphone to book services, order groceries or play than a computer with a web browser.

Android App Development

Being available on Android is a must for every aspiring company. It’s prevalent, mainly because it can be installed on various devices from many brands. That makes it highly accessible. This operating system is flexible but can be tricky for app testers as they need to find out if the product works well on various screens. Still, not having an Android app is a mistake and with seasoned QA specialists like ours, you don’t have to worry.

iOS App Development

Apple devices are elegant, robust and loved by their users. With an operating system installed only on their hardware, it is not too problematic to test and adjust a mobile app to different screen sizes. The growing demand for iPhones should not be ignored either. It’s a smartphone used by celebrities, influencers, business owners and their clients. If you want your app to become the next big hit, you should not ignore the iOS market.

Flutter Development Company in Dubai

We simply love Flutter. It’s a framework that allows our team to build mobile applications for multiple operating systems by writing just one codebase. Why is it an option worth considering? Because you get an app for Android and iOS which means you can quickly conquer both markets. At the same time, you can save some resources because it takes less time, is a little bit cheaper and doesn’t require two separate native development teams. We picked Flutter as our cross-platform technology of choice because it stands out with excellent functionality and UIs.

Web app development company in Dubai

You might need a web app or a website to promote your business and give your target audience additional features. We can prepare a suitable web product that matches your requirements. Our team uses the best technologies on the market and is constantly learning about new trends and innovations. This way, we can create web products that modern users will appreciate. It is crucial because the attention span in today’s world is getting lower. Your software needs a perfect user experience and has to be quick as a flash.

Machine Learning app developers in Dubai

We know that artificial intelligence and machine learning are still considered new and unreachable. Many people don’t even realize that such algorithms power up Google, social media platforms and many other digital products. Thanks to them, we get personalized recommendations, curated news feeds and individual search results. If you thought it is impossible to implement machine learning into your project, you are wrong. Working with us means you get access to specialists that can make it happen.

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Why itCraft

Why work with us?

When working at itCraft, everything is discussed from the very beginning. You get a clear vision of the collaboration process you will be a part of. That’s right, we will ask you to participate in the project and share your thoughts and insights. This way, we can build a perfect solution that will meet all your goals and impress your clients. What is included in the process?

Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we want to offer all the services you might need during your software development journey. With itCraft, you get all in one, meaning you don’t have to hire additional companies to create some parts of the project. We take care of each stage and give you the best specialists to design and develop the digital product of your dreams. Our collaboration model is based on resources that we use to complete tasks, so you pay for what you get. Individual team composition means there’s always synergy and productivity.

Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we want to offer all the services you might need during your software development journey. With itCraft, you get all in one, meaning you don’t have to hire additional companies to create some parts of the project. We take care of each stage and give you the best specialists to design and develop the digital product of your dreams. Our collaboration model is based on resources that we use to complete tasks, so you pay for what you get. Individual team composition means there’s always synergy and productivity.

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Full support from our experienced consultants that will advise you in any area you might need help with.

Two days of UX and UI workshops hosted by our team for you to meet them and tell them about your project. We create the scope and first mockups to plan tasks and iterations.

A project manager assigned to you. Their duty will be to report to you about progress and proposed solutions. You can also tell them about changes or your ideas.

The latest digital technologies at itCraft

A plethora of designers and developers prepared to create all kinds of digital products. Their knowledge, skills and expertise are priceless.

Testing squad responsible for quality assurance activities. Their work is essential to guarantee the highest possible quality of the final result.

And if you need more than that, we can provide additional services. We are flexible and our goal is to give you everything required for your business to thrive.

Check out our process

Basic information

You probably wonder how working with itCraft looks like. Our process is quite simple, but we’ve spent years tailoring it to our clients’ needs. We wanted to clarify each stage and build a system that would support productive work, flawless communication and productivity. That’s why we also use Agile Scrum methodology to organize our tasks.

All that means you can become an active part of the team. Of course, you won’t write code, but your ideas, thoughts and research will be beneficial when preparing the best digital product for your customers. We believe that discussing things and looking at them from different perspectives is crucial in building successful software.

UX/UI Workshops

Many IT companies don’t start their work with workshops and we think that’s a mistake. Spending two days together and focusing on your project is the best way to kickstart the process the right way. We can draw first prototypes, list the work scope, and think about solutions that will suit your goals and needs.


User interface (UI) is the interaction layer that your user will see when using your software. User experience (UX) is responsible for the overall feeling and user-friendliness. You might guess already that they are vital. We always prototype the product first to find out if the owner and the users like it.


When it’s time to code, we have several people working on different parts of your project. Back-end for processing data, front-end to navigate and use the software and native or cross-platform coding for mobile apps. Engaging a couple of different specialists means we are organized and constantly talking to each other about progress and issues.

Quality assurance

There are various types of manual and automated tests. We pick quality assurance activities according to your needs and project requirements. Performing quality assurance activities should happen from the first stage of production until the very end. It’s the only way to detect all the bugs early and prevent them from growing into enormous issues.


Release time brings a lot of excitement to the product owner but also the team. We prepare all required implementations to support your efforts when reaching out to new clients. The new chapter of your business begins! Remember that we will teach you all the necessary administration skills so you can control your software after the collaboration is over.


Don’t worry, if you need further assistance, we are still available. As your IT partners, we will make updates and fixes for your products. Also, we are open to the further development of your software. It’s a great way to add new features and make your business grow even more.

Top software development company in the United Arab Emirates

Our complex expertise makes us prepared for all challenges in the software development world. For more than ten years, we’ve been working with various companies – from startups to prominent enterprises. Their needs vary, but they all have one thing in common – building reliable and valuable software for their customers. itCraft supports businesses from different industries to give them a boost in the form of a digital product. Everything is thought-through and well-designed.

What else can we give you?

Individualized approach to the project

Although you might think we have a concrete process (and that’s true!) that cannot be changed, we are proud to be flexible enough to offer an individual approach to all of our clients. Our reviews show that it is very much appreciated. Every time the product owner tells us about their ideas and services they need, we implement a strategy to achieve all that. We did branding for several companies, conducted marketing audits and helped with other essential things for each particular digital product. It will be the same when you decide to collaborate with itCraft.

Knowledge sharing

You should also know that we share tons of helpful content every week on our social media and blog. Articles, infographics, ebooks and webinars explain the secrets of our work and are full of business and tech tips. We want to educate our current and future clients about all IT-related subjects. Knowing more, you can make better decisions and also understand how we pick suitable technologies and why the production process looks a certain way. Remember to follow us and check our website daily to get info about all the things we publish.

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Browse our website to find our portfolio, where you can check what kind of designs and products we’ve done. Read testimonials and reviews from our previous clients and you will learn about the advantages of having itCraft as your IT vendor. Any questions? Ask our consultants via email or phone. We always have time to discuss innovative digital products and look for the best solutions.

Our clients won several awards and got millions of euros in funding. Be one of them! Your business needs digital products to become a market leader. Don’t waste a chance to work with a leading European software house. Let’s work together!

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