React Native App Development

Build your application in the world’s top multi-platform technology. Creating iOS, Android and Desktop apps with a single, JavaScript codebase, saves you time and money while delivering high-quality product.

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React Native Development

React Native allows creating apps for iOS, Android and (recently) Windows 10 platforms using only JavaScript. Using a single technology to build native applications gives you better control over the project, a single team to handle all platforms, agility and interoperability within the team, evened out quality standards for all platforms, and stemming from these – savings in overall costs of both the development and maintenance of your product.

List of technologies used in React Native development: TypeScript, Redux, Firebase (Fabric), React Hooks, React Navigation.

Quality Assurance

React Native Team

Our specialists are growth oriented, constantly looking for new challenges and regularly coming up with innovative solutions. The popularity of React Native among both developers and our clients gives us great incentive to keep expanding our capacity in the department. When entrusting us with your project, you’re guaranteed up-to-date skill set, innovative approach and in-house specialists to see your application through to completion and beyond.

We currently have 7 full-time React Native developers working in-house as part of our 50+ team of specialists (UX/UI designers, Android and iOS programmers, QA engineers and mobile-oriented Project Managers)

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React Native Projects

To date (2019) we have successfully implemented and launched 6 React Native projects for fintech, health services, transport & logistics. All engagements were completed on time, according to requirements and to our clients’ satisfaction. The overall cost reduction compared to similar native developments were between 10-20% depending on project.

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React Native Support & Maintenance

Throughout the development process and beyond, your React Native team will keep your app fully functional, regularly updated, tested and bug-free. Working in the same technology on all platforms (Android, iOS & Windows) saves you time and money and guarantees the same people who created your app will maintain and support it throughout its lifecycle.

Cross-platform vs. native development: the ultimate guide – download our newest ebook!

No matter if you’re a startup founder or a part of a bigger enterprise – this ebook is for you. Maybe you work as a Product Owner, or a CTO? If your goal is to find out the pros and cons of cross-platform or native development, you are in the right place. You will find out what are the main features of these two solutions, what are the differences between them and how companies benefit by applying them to their mobile apps.

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