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Android App Development

Why is Outsourcing so crucial?

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. More than 70% of the market share is quite impressive, but what does it mean for your business? You’ve guessed right – creating a dedicated app for Android devices is crucial to reach out to the broad spectrum of your potential clients. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about iOS, but we recommend that you don’t ignore the versatile platform loved by so many people around the globe.

Start your new mobile project

Building mobile applications is a complex process, and it can vary depending on technologies, type of product, number of functionalities and, of course, your estimated time-to-market and available budget. We take our clients’ requirements seriously and always offer an individual approach to make sure everything goes according to plan, and the results are magnificent.

How to Develop a Custom Android App?


Every collaboration we get begins with two days of workshops, in-person or online. We use this time to get to know each other, understand your business and idea better, create a work plan and even create first mockups.

As a product owner, you get a chance to meet our team, including business analysts, consultants, and designers. They will ask you questions because their main goal is to understand your goals and find a remedy to your pains. The product has to carry value, and it won’t be possible if we don’t know about your target audience, your brand’s mission and the product’s purpose.

During the workshop, we will map out all the functionalities, create personas and user stories and do some rapid wireframing to show you the concept of your digital solution. In addition, you can find out how we work, which will be helpful for the project. Also, we encourage you to propose your own ideas. It will make the final result truly unique and adjusted to your customers’ needs.

Project documentation

We don’t want to drown in paperwork because we rather act and discuss things. Still, there’s a need for crucial documentation to be prepared. Why? It will be useful for all involved team members to know about the requirements and get all additional information they might need. We put a definition of done (DoD) in it, so everyone knows the acceptance criteria for each functionality that has to be created.

If there’s a need for more information, our analysts will take care of it. The documentation is a guidebook that will be used many times as an essential source of project knowledge. It will also help estimate the timeframe and budget required to build all the parts of the product. Each sprint will be organized according to the plans written down in the documentation.

UX Design

User experience is responsible for creating a particular vibe when users are using your product. That’s why we take those user stories discussed during workshops and create user paths that connect with each other to build the entire customer journey. Simply put, we have to predict how the users will walk through your Android app and create the functionalities accordingly.

Fortunately, we have many talented and experienced designers on board. They blend their knowledge of user behaviors, best practices and the newest trends to create extraordinary designs for all the products we build. The process usually begins with low-fidelity wireframes to show you the visual representation of your future digital solution. Then, it’s time for UI.

UI Design

The user interface layer is what the user sees and interacts with, which makes it quite important. Our skilled design team cooperates to build something aesthetic, functional, intuitive and easy to use. The wireframes prepared by the UX are now taken by the UI to be transformed into mockups. You can see every screen of your future Android app and let the team know if you want changes.

We can also prepare branding for you. If you are a new company, a startup or an enterprise looking for a fresh new look, let us know. We will prepare a logo, a color palette, and other graphic elements you need to make your business stand out and promote it anywhere your marketing strategy tells you. You will get a mini brand book that will be your guide to your company’s appearance.

Interactive Prototyping

When the UX and UI designs are ready, it’s time to create a clickable prototype. It has several functions. One is to show you how your product will look and work before we start coding. Why is that required? Because it’s the best time to make tweaks. When the production begins, introducing significant changes will disrupt the workflow and might be costly regarding money and time.

Second of all, you can show the prototype to your stakeholders. We know how all the involved parties want to see the first results ASAP. They want to make sure your concept is viable, and a professional team is working to make it come true. By giving them something they can touch, you provide them with certainty and peace. If they accept your solution, it’s time to move on to the next phase.

Backend Development

This part of the app is responsible for data processing and storage. It is necessary if your Android product is going to be based on functionalities like account registration, data sharing, external integrations and more. The user doesn’t see the app’s backend, but it’s the command center for all the things that happen behind the scenes. Without it, the app simply wouldn’t work.

We use the newest and most trusted technologies and frameworks to build our backends. Our stack is regularly updated because we believe that every modern business should be up-to-date with their digital solutions. This way, the backends we make for our clients are performing splendidly and can handle all the data you will give them.

Frontend Development (Native & Cross-platform)

For mobile app development, there are two ways you can go when making frontend, which is the layer that the users interact with. When we’re talking about Android, you can either pick the native language called Kotlin or create a cross-platform solution with Flutter framework that will work on Android, but also on iOS and other platforms.

Which one is better? That, obviously, depends on the type of solution you want to make. For advanced products with complex functions, we recommend going native. This way, you will get a robust mobile application suitable for your needs. With cross-platform, you get a native-like product with excellent quality, too. It’s great for projects with a standard set of functionalities or smaller apps. Either way, we will pick a technological stack based on your requirements, and you will get the result you are looking for.

QA Testing

Quality assurance is one of the crucial parts of the whole production process. We know how tests can prevent major defects and issues at the late stages of coding and after release. That’s why we conduct them from the very beginning. We don’t wait until the product is almost finished. If you want your Android app to work perfectly, you need all types of tests to be done.

We hire a qualified team of many testers specializing in different areas of QA. Numerous manual testers, automated testing specialists – you name it. With Android, their work has to be extremely rigid, as these mobile apps are used on numerous devices from different manufacturers. Your solution has to work perfectly on all of them. Don’t ignore the importance of quality assurance activities. Although code is responsible for making your Android app, tests are there to ensure it is exactly as you require.

Deployment and Release

Your app is done, but our collaboration doesn’t end here. You get our help in everything you need to prepare your Android application to go live. Our programmers, testers, designers, even marketing team will get involved in making it a release day to remember. We will optimize the app to score high in app stores, prepare promotional materials and upload it to Google Play and Apple App Store so your customers can start using your product.

Ask any question that comes to your mind at this point. We will teach you how to handle the app, administrate the users and upload the content. If you are not sure about a strategy, we can prepare one for you or consult the existing one to propose new recommendations. And the aftercare service is full of options, so you don’t have to worry about anything and focus on your business growth.

Support and Maintenance

You probably wonder what happens when you or your users find an issue in your Android app. We offer support services to give you a guarantee that everything will be fixed and updated. Depending on the priority of your problem (critical errors are always treated first), we will handle it quickly and professionally, so you don’t have to sweat over it for too long.

Our goal is to create an app for you and then make it live as long as possible. That’s why we optimize the product, add new features if you want to scale and propose different solutions to problems you might stumble upon. All you need to do is to tell us that you wish to continue our business partnership. Our team will be your IT squad, so you can be sure your product is in good hands.

Why are companies investing in custom Android apps?

Mobile applications became an integral part of our lives. We don’t go anywhere without a smartphone. Almost everything can be done with a few taps on the screen. People love convenience, and they want to get things done as fast as they can. That’s why having your own digital product is the best idea. You will get more clients, skyrocket your business and solve problems for your customers, which will make them loyal and grateful. All you need is a high-quality solution with outstanding design and swift performance.

Get brand recognition

You probably can name many brands that offer particular solutions, right? The key to their global success lies in brand recognition. You want to stand out from the crowd of similar businesses and be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about a type of product or service you offer. What’s a better way to catch the audience’s attention than giving them a sophisticated Android app? If you listen to the market and answer their demands, they will tell others about your company, praise you on social media and make you the next big hit in your niche.

Increase profits

With the growing usage of mobile apps, you can significantly increase your revenue. You just have to deliver a modern solution designed and developed with your customers’ needs in mind. How to do that? You need a reliable IT partner like itCraft.

We take care of all things regarding the Android app creation, and you can contribute by adding your insight. Result? You give your clients a digital product of their dreams. You don’t even have to sell anything. There are plenty of options when it comes to app monetization.

Become accessible

Technology that is used right can change the world. For example, it can give access to people that were not able to participate in the past. With a custom Android app, you can reach out to anyone you might think of. On-site businesses have one major drawback – they are seen only by a handful of people. With the online world, your possibilities are limitless.

Even though a digital product is quite an investment, we can tell you it’s worth it. You can use it to contact your customers, build relationships with them and become their favorite brand. That will also result in more recognition and bigger profit.

Find new marketing opportunities

Online marketing doesn’t have to be scary. With your dedicated Android app, you will find many ways to promote your brand and your products or services. All you need to do is provide a spotless UX. If you overflow the users with push notifications and ads, but your app will be lousy, you won’t meet your business goals.

That’s where the itCraft team comes in handy. We prepare a pixel-perfect digital solution for you and help you with a marketing strategy that your clients will appreciate. Everything will be done with your industry, audience and business model in mind.

Why itCraft

Why trust itCraft with your Android app development?

As a software house that has been on the market for more than ten years, we could observe the changing trends, the rising technologies and the digitalization of countless businesses that worked with us. We finished more than 250 projects, and each is a reason to be proud because our clients achieved great successes in their fields of expertise. Every collaboration taught us something valuable that we could later use in the following projects we took care of. Also, we have many IT enthusiasts on board that want to learn new things all the time. With our broad range of services, we are a perfect choice if you’re going to develop an Android app or any other software. Check out what benefits we can offer:

Agile app development at itCraft

Agile Scrum Framework

We work in one of the most appreciated methodologies in our industry, and these are not just empty words. We’ve really incorporated Agile Scrum into our process to create an ideal work environment based on communication, teamwork and productivity.

Working with us, you can actively participate in the project. Our workflow is based on 2-week sprints, and every day we meet up to discuss tasks for the day and issues we need to solve. You are invited to these remote meetings. We encourage you to talk openly about your ideas, your clients’ needs and everything that might be relevant to make the final product extraordinary. With Agile, you are truly in control of the progress, and you feel like you are a part of the team.

Experienced Team

ISO Certificates

We want to give you the highest quality of services and the best possible conditions when developing your digital product. That’s why we’ve obtained two ISO certificates that confirm we work according to worldwide standards.

The first one, ISO9001, is proof that our quality management system is on point. The certification process was thorough and detailed, but the itCraft team is constantly working with best practices and client needs in mind, so we had everything needed to get it.

We are also certified with ISO27001, which shows that we meet international norms regarding information security processes. It is an essential document, as many of our clients handle sensitive data and need to work with an IT partner to manage it properly. You can trust us with that because we have everything prepared to create your product safely.

The latest digital technologies at itCraft

Newest Technologies

The world of software technologies evolves fast. Being up-to-date is one of our priorities because we want to consistently deliver modern, advanced software, including Android apps and other digital products. When you collaborate with us, you get access to an innovative technological stack that we use to meet your business goals and expectations.

For example, we invest a lot of effort in Flutter, a cross-platform framework used to build excellent applications. We also know native mobile languages like Android’s Kotlin. Basically, our team of more than 100 people has a versatile skill set that makes us your go-to software house no matter what kind of project you have in mind.



We won’t hide anything from you. From the very beginning, we will inform you about each step and all the details of the project. You will get team composition, estimated timeframe and budget as soon as we get to know your business, requirements and idea for a digital product. Open communication is the key to transparency.

The crucial figure is your dedicated Scrum Master, aka Project Manager. It will be your person to talk about everything you have in mind. You can ask them about status, talk about issues and propose changes. Also, we have a well-curated process you can always rely on.

Ready to start your new mobile project?

As a software house with lots of experience and knowledge, we are often asked about various aspects of our work. So here are the answers to these burning questions:

That’s a great start, don’t you think? Every amazing thing we know started with just an idea. And you don’t need any development experience to pursue it and make it a reality. That’s what itCraft will do for you. We take your idea, analyze competition, market, and target audience and prepare a robust digital product strategy. We also verify your idea to make sure it is viable and demanded. Just tell us what you have in mind, and we will propose what to do with it.

It is impossible to answer this question right away. We always say that every project is different, and we can estimate the actual price only after we learn about the requirements. What influences the price of a digital product? The number of functionalities, how advanced they are, your desired time-to-market, the technology picked to deliver the results you are looking for… The list is long, but if someone estimates a project without knowing anything about these factors, you can be sure they will not be correct. Check out our pricing page to find out the details, or contact us and let’s talk about your budget.

Again, it all depends on your project scope. With Android, we have two ways to go. One is native programming, and the other is cross-platform development, for example, with Flutter. We recommend frameworks and languages depending on your requirements and capabilities. For some projects going native is the only way, for others cross-platform can be a perfect choice. We will analyze every element of your idea and propose the best possible solution to achieve your business goals.

Whether it’s an Android app or any other software, every collaboration with itCraft is based on open communication. You can always ask us about anything that is going on in the project, and we will explain it right away. In addition, a dedicated Project Manager / Scrum Master will always be in touch with you to give you status reports. Moreover, with the Agile Scrum approach, we meet on a daily basis to discuss everything that is going on in the project, and you can join us to be always informed.

We don’t have to end our collaboration. After release, you need a skilled team that knows your product to monitor, optimize and update it. We can sign the SLA agreement that will guarantee you our support and maintenance. That means fixing bugs, adding new features, increasing performance, scaling the product and collecting data needed for further expansion. Working with itCraft means you are in good hands. We can even provide additional services like branding, online marketing strategies and app store optimization (ASO).

Check out some of our previous work

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