Agile mobile/web app development

We employ Agile methodology for our projects to ensure best communication between the client and the development team

Flexible approach with constant feedback allows us to introduce tailor made solutions and adjust the development to changing requirements. Me make you the most important member of our team.

Agile mobile and web app development

For any mobile application owner, developing a product is a story of growth, evolution and improvement. We create products with exactly these in mind. Establishing a connection with our clients, where we can show that we are open to long term cooperation and supporting the product throughout its lifespan, is our priority.

Keeping you informed

Sprints are continuously reported to you. At the end of each, we set up a meeting online (or in person – Poland is just lovely in summer) where the effects of our works are presented. You will be thoroughly informed about the status of works – including mockups, demos, analysis and whatever else might be necessary. We talk about any issues or problems we faced, brief you on the progress of development and most importantly – we will want to know what you think.

Ongoing development

High quality mobile or web apps are not our sole purpose. We strive to create apps that are clear, comprehensive and ready to grow.  We want to provide solutions that can and will keep pace with technology change, with a solid codebase that will allow you to evolve your mobile product as your business grows and faces new challenges – be it technology, scaling, or something completely unexpected.

With our specialists in web and native development we will not only advise and build a complete solution. We will create a platform capable of keeping up with latest device updates, open to further development, with all its aspects fully supported.

Customising with flexibility

To have you as a partner in the process of creation mobile or web application, itCraft adopted Agile development methodology. Throughout the project’s progress you will have full insight and control over the works performed. This will enable you to assess each phase of production, apply changes and adjustments if necessary and prioritise goals according to your needs.

The Agile process of development is divided into phases – ‘’sprints’’. Each of these is charged for separately so you have the financial flexibility of eg. suspending the project to secure funds, dropping parts of it you deem no longer necessary or even quitting altogether if that is your wish.

New ideas, suggestions or adding extra features to your app are not an issue with Agile development. No need to redesign the whole project as all can be solved by adding more phases without disturbing the continuity of the process.

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To ensure proper communication with clients, all our employees have a good command of English. We employ native English consultants.

We employ native English consultants to ensure all matters of communication, as well as translations or documentation are done to highest standards. All our employees keep improving their linguistic skills with in-house lessons and everyday conversations.

Transparent reporting

Once we have your feedback and agree on how to address all the issues, we can move on to the next sprint and see you at the next meeting. If anything should come up on your side – new idea for app or marketing, an issue needing addressing mid way through a sprint – just email or call us and we will get back to you straight away. With Agile, there is never a bad time to call. And since you have a fully dedicated team assigned to your project – they are in it the whole time.


We offer specialists in: 


Quality and professionalism

At itCraft we hire the best we can find. Polish programmers are among the world elite, so we have plenty to choose from. We make sure that at itCraft we always have a complete set of skills at your disposal. It is crucial for Agile development to be able to address new challenges quickly and thoroughly so we keep specialists in all areas of development at hand.

ItCraft’s team covers all aspects of product development. From UX/UI design, graphics based on your preference, through native Android/iOS technologies, web applications, backend, databases and API creation to product implementation. All supported by thorough QA testing throughout the process. Being the first polish Google Cloud Solution Partner we have experience in Cloud based development offering low maintenance, hardware free, highly scalable backend solutions.

Team spirit

Most of our guys and girls work in-house, in one of our 2 production offices.We are proud to have a very high employee retainment level which in IT is quite a feat. We do love working together and we all stick around to see what new challenges the World of Appcraft may throw at us. High retainment allows us to keep schedules, complete projects with dedicated teams, and avoid delays where many other developers struggle to keep the same team throughout the entire project. With this in mind we are always happy to take on lengthy engagements and guarantee schedules are kept.