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Case Studies

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We want to show you our process using real-life examples. That’s why we create case studies that explain every product development project step by step. itCraft is on the market since 2010. During that time, we’ve been collaborating with dozens of clients from various countries. We did mobile apps, websites and internal systems for multiple industries – like telemedicine, fintech, retail, social media and logistics.

Our clients represent different areas of business. We did software for startups, medium-sized companies and big enterprises. That’s why we can share our expertise with a broader audience – on our blog and in the Portfolio section. Each case study showcases the problem, our road to the most suitable solution and the result we achieved. This way, you can better understand how working with itCraft looks and what you can expect if you pick us as your vendor.

Case studies are also complemented with images – example screens where you can check out our designs. We pay attention to the detail – our design team creates an aesthetic branding for every client we work with. What is unique about our offer is the individual approach to projects. We adjust our process to your needs and expectations – but at the same time, we provide organization and communication that gives our work structure and promotes productivity. All that so you can feel comfortable during our collaboration.

Check out the case studies below and find out what our previous deliveries are. Soon you might join them with your extraordinary software project (if you agree to publish it, of course!).

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