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It is safe to say that everything began with Facebook. It was the first online social media and social networking service that literally conquered the world and changed the way we live.

Social apps allow us to build communities, keep in touch, share and exchange information, rate services and places, publish statements, pictures and videos, etc. In a way they allow us to lead a second life online.

Although social apps may seem pretty simple at first glance, they are actually packed with functionalities such as:

– creating user’s profile;
– chat, group chat and other forms of messaging;
– geolocation + Google maps;
– push notifications;
– adding friends as well as creating groups;
– sharing content and information;
– payment systems for in-app purchases;
– adding pictures and video.

Below you will find some of our most successful social apps.  


An event based social application that allows you to publish announcements regarding sports, cultural, social and other events you organise. You can connect with people who share your passions.

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  • Publishing and searching of events nearby
  • Personal profile
  • Private messages and group chats
  • Sharing pictures and videos with other users and groups
  • Friends
  • Getting in touch
  • Chatting system
  • Sending pictures and videos
  • Creating events


An everyday tool with a very strong social twist that makes truckers life easier. It allows drivers to keep in the loop and never miss on important information thanks to its messaging system, possibility of sharing vital info and finding next job. In addition Truckersky allows reviewing different POIs.

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  • Real-time friend tracking & finding
  • Keeping in touch with other Truckersky user via messenger, e-mail or phone
  • Posting, sharing, commenting and rating POI’s and pictures
  • truckers
  • Messaging system
  • Job finder
  • Friends location
  • Messaging
  • Chronicle

SeaMan's Book

A social app that lets its users share information on jobs, availability of seafarers for work and generally keep in touch regarding matters important to the people of the sea. Currently the app is used by more than 10K users.

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  • Keeping track of all necessary paperwork (certificates, diplomas)
  • Job finder - possibility of browsing through job offers, creating CV and applying for a job
  • Working days calendar for work time control
  • Electronic documentation
  • Job finder
  • Sailors


A social app for all book lovers, Postepic allows sharing most interesting quotes from books read by users, reviewing them and discussing about them. It’s an ever growing community of those who want to know what book to read next without being disappointed.

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  • Posting and sharing quotes
  • Searching for books with interesting quotes
  • Saving interesting quotes in private collection
  • Promoting books and authors among friends, family, and social networks
  • Quotes from books
  • Book lovers
  • Sharing
  • Reviews


A social app that every fitness freak has been waiting for his or her whole life. Designed for perfect matches of personal trainers and people who want to work out. Users can share their opinion on trainers and venues with the community as well as boast about their progress. No need to sign long-term gym contracts, it’s all about training with the best.

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  • Finding fitness sessions run at preferred time and location
  • Choosing personal trainer based on other members’ ratings
  • Easy booking - all sessions are prepaid, no cash is needed on arrival
  • Meeting other people passionate about keeping fit
  • Fitness
  • Personal trainings
  • Work out
  • Opinions


Every crossfitter’s dream app come true, WOD’s UP builds a community that allows sharing progress and results, motivating and challenging other users to train even harder. All your crossfit achievements and challenges in one place.

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  • Electronic workout journal that allows planning, archiving and supervising progress,
  • Comparing own results with those of other users of the WOD’s UP community,
  • Personal bests record
  • Benchmarking tools
  • Body parameters monitor
  • Box browser
  • Posting comments & pictures
  • Information exchange with other users
  • Crossfit
  • Sharing results
  • Progress monitoring
  • Wod’s locator


An app that helps you identify all the best restaurants in the neighbourhood. Yumer aggregates reviews from different sources: Google, Facebook and Foursquare. The app allows finding the most suitable restaurant for your current mood and appetite.

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  • “Best place to eat” browser that uses geolocation
  • Aggregating opinions from different sources (Google, Facebook, Foursquare)
  • Category and location filters
  • Reviews and pictures of users
  • Contact information
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Locator
  • Reviews


An app that will make sure you are never alone again. Using geolocation Hoodie finds other users near you and allows you getting in touch with them anonymously. You can chat with one person or with many, as well as send pictures. You can flirt or share the craziest content ever. Safety and discretion are Hoodie’s top priority - whatever it is that you share, it is not stored anywhere.

  • Geolocation
  • Immediate and anonymous contact with other users nearby
  • Private messages and group chats
  • Sharing pictures with other users and groups
  • Friends
  • Getting in touch
  • Chatting
  • Sending pictures
  • Privacy


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