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Custom Machine Learning Solutions

Why is Outsourcing so crucial?

Technology is constantly evolving and as a result, custom software development methods have changed significantly over the last decade. With the rise of machine learning capabilities, new possibilities for the classic programming approach have emerged. The ability to take massive amounts of complex data and allow machine learning solutions to provide outcomes based on analyzing and identifying patterns has created opportunities for businesses that were not possible in the past. 

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and by applying such complex algorithms to digital product development, it is possible to introduce unique, sophisticated mobile & web-based applications to the market with unlimited potential.

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Why choose itCraft to achieve your machine learning goals?

Despite many companies having talented software developers on their teams, not too many companies have the in-house skills or knowledge required to deliver a commercially viable, machine learning solution. For this reason, itCraft has a dedicated machine learning team that can be engaged to build a proof-of-concept or provide an end-to-end digital solution from scratch. 

itCraft has expert consultants to help solve complex business problems utilizing different areas of machine learning, including: 

  • natural language processing (NLP), 
  • image-based data analysis, 
  • predictive analytics
  • audio processing

As an ISO9001 and ISO27001-certified software developer, we have proven management and security processes that allows us to consistently deliver world-class digital products, either as a full in-house managed team from itCraft or by augmenting your existing team with our machine learning experts. 

What does the process of a machine learning project look like?


Every project begins with a workshop. It is important to meet all stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of business goals, expected outcomes of the machine learning components of the projects and the technical requirements. A key aspect of the workshop is to understand the data which will be used in the project in order to identify if our standard approach to machine learning can be used or whether a custom approach should be adopted.

Depending on the agreed approach, and some additional research, the system architecture can be created as well as defining the future development steps required to achieve the business goals of the project.

Standard Machine Learning Approach

Our standard approach is to identify the expected outcomes of the machine learning project and analyze whether there are existing solutions on the market that can be used. For example, in projects requiring text extraction  (OCR) or data capture solutions, the Google Vision API can be used without investing large amounts of money ‘to reinvent the wheel’.

Custom Machine Learning Approach

If there are no commercially available components or APIs available to meet your project goals, then a custom machine learning solution is necessary. This requires a research & development phase accompanied by a proof-of-concept project to ensure the system can ‘learn’ on a training set of data, measure it and deliver the expected outcomes.

Data Preparation

Data Labeling – In order for a machine learning project to be successful, it is vital to have a large amount of high-quality data which can be used to ‘train’ the model. This requires something we call ‘data labeling’. 

Data labeling is the process of adding significant, relevant context to raw data by ‘labeling’ it so that the machine learning model can learn from it. As an example, in a machine learning model built for the telemedicine sector, the raw data might be an x-ray, and the label will say if this is an image of a broken bone or a healthy bone. Data labeling is required for most use cases including natural language processing, speech recognition and image-based data analysis.

Cleaning the data – In predictive analytics machine learning models, the raw data can sometimes be millions of rows in a spreadsheet. Often this data is extracted from an existing piece of software and contains unnecessary information. Ensuring the data is ‘clean’ by removing irrelevant data can be time-consuming but is very important in creating the training subset of data for the machine learning model.

Dividing the data – It is also vital to divide the data into ‘training’ data and ‘validation’ data. The bulk of the data is used during the training phase to provide as much information to the model as possible to learn from. However, a portion of the data should be kept away from the machine learning model so that it can be used to validate the training with data it hasn’t seen yet.

Training Phase

For time and efficiency reasons, the best strategy in a custom machine learning project is to build a baseline model to use as the foundation. Our machine learning engineers will run a series of ‘experiments’ on the data to train the model and as it learns how to produce the expected outcomes, more and more complexity is added to the machine learning algorithms so that the end result is a complete system which can analyze and identify patterns which will meet the business goals you set out at the beginning. 

During the training phase of the project, our machine learning architect will decide on the architecture of the project. In many cases, we will choose industry-proven frameworks for creating a neural network.

In machine learning, a neural network is a series of algorithms that attempts to recognize hidden relationships in data through a process that is very similar to how the human brain operates.

Once the machine learning model is able to produce the expected results from the training set of data, a validation process on unseen data is conducted and allows any final adjustments to be made.


Once the final model has been produced, it can then be integrated into other software, including custom mobile apps and web-based applications. During the normal software development cycle, our engineers are able to ensure that the machine learning model is able to be used effectively and seamlessly as you design and develop a world-class digital product.

Machine Learning Consultancy

itCraft’s machine learning consultants are able to provide strategic guidance throughout the lifecycle of your machine learning model. After some detailed market research and the effects of your project, our team can continue to analyze your business processes and the data the model is using to provide optimization of the machine learning algorithms and make any required adjustments as your business evolves.

Why are companies investing in machine learning?

Companies are prioritizing machine learning projects in their businesses and subsequently allocating significant budgets to them because it has become clearly evident that machine learning is able to assist in business growth and efficiency.

Many corporations struggle with outdated legacy systems but as more and more examples appear of machine learning automating processes that were not possible in the past, companies are turning to custom software development to derive greater business insights by using machine learning to create data-based decisions.

Analyze complex data

Not only can machine learning models analyze and identify patterns in huge amounts of data, but ML algorithms are able to handle multi-dimensional data with a variety of complex layers. This means that relationships in data can be discovered, which is not limited to the abilities of a person’s own intellect. 

If your business relies on complex data analysis or making data-based decisions based on complex analytics, machine learning is the way to go. Our machine learning experts are able to create a model which can be used for your internal systems or create a whole digital platform with a machine learning model as the core functionality.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the process of predicting future outcomes on the basis of both past and current data. By using statistics and data modeling to analyze historical data and to identify trends, machine learning makes it possible to make better informed business decisions. Business nowadays demands data-based decisions, and the need for effective data analysis has seen machine learning algorithms become an integral part of accurately processing large amounts of data to identify and recognize patterns.

Automate Customer Service

Machine learning is being adopted very quickly by companies to automate many customer service processes. It allows for a certain level of “self-service” which allows people to get the answers they need, reach the right person and eliminate human error.

Chatbots are able to simulate customer service interactions and resolve simple inquiries. Machine learning models allow chatbots to learn how they should respond to certain questions and when to gather additional information and analyze whether this should be directed to a human customer service representative.

Customer behavior prediction

Machine learning is now a viable option for companies to predict customer behavior in order to provide better products and services. By analyzing buying patterns and histories, machine learning is becoming invaluable for those in the retail sector to provide better forecasts and understand product and service demand.

Additionally, geographic location, culture, nationality, and environmental effects have a significant effect on customer behavior. By using machine learning, companies can now derive invaluable insights to offer personalized goods and services to specific regions.

Why itCraft

Why trust itCraft with your Machine Learning solution?

itCraft was founded in 2010 with the goal of leveraging technology to solve business problems. That meant being innovative, hiring the most talented engineers and applying modern technologies. With machine learning having such an impact in the software development world, we quickly decided to invest in our ML team and continue to be a reliable partner for our clients. By having a dedicated, in-house machine learning team, we are able to provide custom models for existing software or use them as part of a full system for your digital product requirements.

Agile app development at itCraft

Agile Scrum Framework

We use an agile Scrum framework for most of our projects, which allows us to prioritize development tasks based on the highest business value of our clients’ projects. By delivering results in a short period of time based on the highest priorities, we are able to provide the flexibility required to develop world-class software, as well as allow you to allocate the budget in the most effective way possible. In every machine learning project, we identify the expected outcomes of the model and based on any time or budget restraints, we shape the scope of the work in a way that will allow us to deliver results.

As with all our development projects, we observe all Scrum ceremonies including sprint planning, daily standups, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives. We do this to ensure we are always focused on delivering real value to our clients. Along with continuous integration, numerous communication channels and transparent reporting, you are always kept in the loop as a natural part of the process.

Experienced Team

ISO Certification

itCraft is an ISO9001 (quality management) and ISO27001 (data security management) certified software development company. It was important for us to not only show our clients that we have a proven management system and the data security processes which allow us to produce world-class software, but to confirm that, as a truly agile organization, our processes are customer-centric and ensure we consistently deliver high-quality products and services.  

In a machine learning project, where in many cases we are handling vast amounts of sensitive data, this certification offers our clients a good level of ‘peace-of-mind’ and is more evidence to them that our processes and standards of software development meet international standards.

The latest digital technologies at itCraft

New Technologies

Our team of specialists is constantly increasing its knowledge in the whole software development lifecycle, including learning about new frameworks, programming languages, testing methods, design principles and the latest trends in the IT sector. This is necessary in a reliable software development company, as the custom software solutions we provide must be able to be optimized, supported and maintained for as long as possible.

By creating modern, reliable machine learning models and integrating them with custom software built with the latest technologies, you can ensure that the life of your digital products will be long, allowing you to meet both your long-term and short-term business goals without the worry of having to rebuild them after the initial development phase.



If we had to sum up our philosophy of building world-class custom software in one word, it would be ‘transparency’. From the very beginning of your interactions at itCraft, you will hear about our honest approach to your project, the true costs involved in successfully delivering your software and you will meet key people who will be involved in your project. 

When your project begins, you will have a dedicated Project Manager, multiple communication channels and access to our team through all the Scrum ceremonies. Throughout the development, we will set up continuous integration (or automatic deployment) which means you will always have the latest version of the software as we develop it. We will provide regular and accurate time reporting, quality assurance test scenarios and testing results as well as new release notes. 

On top of all that, we will provide professional consultancy with our recommendations for your project and what adjustments should be made to allow you to efficiently and effectively allocate your budget, which focuses on delivering the highest possible business value for your project.

Ready to start your new Machine Learning project?

We are often asked about our work, the secrets of software development, the newest industry trends and more. Check out the answers to the most popular questions about machine learning in IT:

There are numerous ways to do that. Depending on the type of algorithm, machine learning can be responsible for audio recognition, natural language processing, data engineering, recommendation systems, computer vision, chatbots, and so much more. Basically, no matter your industry, you can benefit from AI solutions that automate work, predict patterns, provide personalized results for your customers and help them when they stumble upon a problem. Machine learning can remove backgrounds from pictures, detect cancer cells and talk to your clients on the phone. It’s a genuinely versatile technology with huge potential.

Our consultants and analysts will take your idea, help you verify it and prepare a strategy to create a digital product that will meet your expectations. As itCraft offers a comprehensive set of services, we will build your project from scratch, taking budget, timeline and other important factors into consideration. We will power up your innovative idea with machine learning to make it an outstanding software that will change people’s lives. You don’t need any development experience. We will walk with you every step of the way. Let us know what you have in mind, and together, we can make it come true.

It all depends on many factors, so it is impossible to give anyone an exact estimation without knowing all the necessary details. Each project has its individual pricing, depending on team composition, predicted time-to-market, amount of work and also the type of product, number of features and how advanced they are. As you can see, there’s a lot to consider. You can check out our Pricing tab or reach out to us if you want further information. Limited budget? We will recommend an approach that will be suitable for your capabilities.

Of course. Our team is at your disposal even after the product goes live. All you need to do is ask for an SLA agreement. It will include guidelines for every support activity we provide. You can call us in case of an emergency, and we will fix technical issues ASAP. We can also continue our collaboration to prepare updates, add new features and optimize the system. We encourage you to think of itCraft as your long-term business partner. Most of our clients work with us for years, as they trust us with their maintenance needs, and frequently they want to expand their businesses even more by developing brand new digital products.

Naturally. Your dedicated Project Manager / Scrum Master is in constant touch with you. They will ask for your opinion, listen to your ideas and react if there’s any sort of crisis. You, on the other hand, will get regular reports regarding the team’s work and the current status of the project. All that to make sure everything is going according to plan. Every time you don’t understand something, have doubts or want to clarify something, just let us know. We are always open for a conversation, and our specialists gladly share their knowledge with Product Owners. We believe that awareness is the best way to have a seamless, successful collaboration.

More resources about Machine Learning

Do you want to learn more? We have plenty of resources to share. Check out our regularly updated blog for articles about not only AI and machine learning but also UX and UI design, testing, business, marketing and more. Other valuable materials include ebooks and webinars where experts from itCraft talk about important software development topics. See what we’ve prepared for you:

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