Digital Product Development

Why is Outsourcing so crucial?

If you want to scale up your business, a digital product could be one of the best approaches to do so. Whether it’s a web app or mobile app, it has the potential to become the primary source of new clients and significant income for your company. The continued growth in popularity of digital products allows you to leverage technology to achieve your commercial goals. In order to build commercially viable, custom software, you need experienced, agile teams who understand how to solve professional business problems.

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At itCraft, we provide you with a dedicated team who focus on the highest business value at every stage of the software lifecycle, whether it is the product design phase, which includes world-class UX/UI, or custom software development with comprehensive quality assurance testing. We also provide maintenance and support of your digital product to ensure your software works at an optimal level throughout its life.

How to develop a custom digital product?


At the beginning of every project, we organise meetings (in-person or remote) dedicated to discussing the details of the project. You will meet up with our designers, business analysts, tech leads and other consultants who will consider your goals, create a development plan, determine the required resources, and roughly estimate the engagement and budget required.

The sessions are dynamic and require active participation from both sides to make sure your business goals and the expectations of the end user are the centre of attention. We use modern tools and practices to define the business, user and system requirements. Workshops are crucial to kickstart any project to ensure expectations are aligned from the very beginning.

Project Documentation

The results of the workshop are covered in documentation by a business analyst. It contains detailed user stories with development priorities and acceptance criteria that make up the backlog of tasks necessary in the development phase of your project.

Our solution architect will then create a technical recommendation including the proposed architecture and tech stack for your digital product which is chosen based on the commercial goals of the project.

We believe that an efficient business relationship is based on transparency and communication. That’s why preparing thorough documentation is essential to achieve the best results. If there is any additional data required, we will take care of it. Our goal here is to collect relevant information for all involved parties.

UX Design

Our UX designers specialise in user behaviour for both web apps and mobile apps. This expertise allows them to transform the requirements of your project into low-fidelity wireframes to show the product owner how your digital product will work and ‘map out’ every function of your product.

The goal of user experience design is to understand the user – how they will navigate through the software, what they want to achieve and what their logical, intuitive behaviors are. Then, the designer creates paths and the overall user journey that justifies all the placements and elements in a digital product.

UI Design

User interface design is crucial as it is responsible for the visual side of the product. The customers will interact with it and see it every time they access your software. Designers will create mockups of each screen so you can see for yourself how it will look and work. They are made with best practices and the latest trends in mind, so your web or mobile app is aesthetic and modern.

We will create a digital product that will correspond with your brand’s identity and newest design trends. If you are a startup or a new company and you don’t have branding yet, we can create a logo, a mini brand book and other visuals that will be needed to promote your business and make it stand out from the competition.

Interactive Prototyping

Prototyping is an integral part of every software development project. It is used to eliminate unwanted functionalities, try the main functionalities before coding and apply changes at the initial stage of the production process. We begin with low-fidelity mockups and progress to get a clickable prototype.

This one can be presented to the audience, investors and other stakeholders to show them the concept of your digital product. They can really try it and see what it looks like. A prototype can be used for idea validation and usability testing. We often recommend such an approach to help eliminate potential defects and measure customers’ opinions about a web or mobile app. After this last stage is completed, it’s time for development.

Backend Development

The backend is the core of your software. It is responsible for data processing and storage. Every mobile or web app that requires account registration, communicative features like sending data between users or integrations with external sources needs a backend. If you already have some kind of system, let us know. We can check if it’s possible to integrate it with your future digital product.

This is the part of the software that is invisible to the end-user but crucial to reassure undisturbed usage. That’s why it has to be coded using modern, robust frameworks like Java, Node.js and other proven technologies. Our specialists will always recommend a technology that is suitable for a particular solution. They know from experience which ones are perfect for small products and which ones can handle large amounts of data.

Frontend Development

The frontend layer is the part that users see and interact with, so it has to be advanced and offer high-class performance. Depending on the type of software, web-based app or mobile apps, we have several programming languages and frameworks to choose from. The final stack will depend on your functional requirements, time-to-market, and budget.

Our developers are experienced in commercial projects, and they are always improving their skills. They study the latest best practices and industry trends, and use this knowledge with clean code development to ensure that the digital products we develop work fast, look excellent and are highly functional.

QA Testing

We believe that testing is extremely important in software development. The most crucial thing is conducting testing throughout the whole process of production. By conducting QA activities from the very beginning, it allows meaningful test scenarios to be created and kept up-to-date, major bugs to be detected before having a significant effect on the project and ensures the code quality is high from the start of the development phase of your product.


We help you make your digital product go live. In simple terms, deployment is about putting all the code together to create a complete software system and making your digital product come to life. At this stage, it can start to be used by selected users. Deployment is sometimes dedicated to initial testing when the app is available only to a specific group of people (beta phase). Then, it can be updated and changes made before becoming a commercially-ready digital product.


Once your digital product is ready to be commercially available, our experts are available to ensure the release of your app runs smoothly. Whether it is a mobile app to be uploaded to Google Play or the App Store, or whether it is a web app available on a server to your clients, we will take you through each step to ensure that from day one you have a world-class product available to your end users.

Support & Maintenance

No matter how much we test your app, real users can always stumble upon some issues. That’s why we offer technical support and after-project maintenance. You tell us about problems, and we fix them. Preparing updates can be used not only to remove bugs but also to introduce new features.

Working with itCraft means you will get a dedicated team available to you when you need help. We don’t just finish collaboration with our clients because we want to truly take care of their product. Thanks to an approach like that, many digital products we made achieved global success.

Why investing in a digital product is a good idea?

Year-to-year stats for mobile and web apps are promising and constantly growing. It means that your business can reach out to a limitless pool of potential clients around the world. We spend a couple of hours using smartphones and probably half of our days working on computers and using web browsers. Being in some of these places (or all of them) is a must to make your brand recognizable, and your revenue grow.

Grow brand awareness

Your company has to be memorable. Working with us, you get access to numerous specialists with all skills required to build a robust, modern solution. Use that potential and give your customers exactly what they want. They will become devoted and loyal, which is the best way to find even more potential users for your software.

Increase sales

Your digital product can become the main source of your company’s income or complement the existing ones. Either way, it is a great way to grow your sales. We can test multiple monetization options together and pick ones that are suitable for your business model. This way, you can optimize your revenue streams and give your clients value.

Become accessible

A traditional offline business is available to not so many people. Being online means countless possibilities and accessibility for those far away, not mobile, or looking for the best service outside their living zone. Also, a digital product is the best way to react to rapidly changing trends and offer something extra for your customers with personalized discounts and sales quickly.

Find new marketing opportunities

A marketing campaign can be successful only if you use adequate resources and communication channels. Remember that a digital product has a few different features, and all of them can be utilized to advertise your products and services. Moreover, if you want to, you can sell ad space to other companies. What matters is that you can contact all your users quickly with notifications and announcements, and we all know time is crucial in marketing.

Why itCraft

Why Trust itCraft with your Digital Product Development?

We’ve been on the market for more than ten years, and we hire more than 100 specialists and IT enthusiasts. Not every software house can offer so many services, an actual all-in-one package. Collaborating with us means you will get a dedicated project manager and a team of designers, programmers and testers to create a solution that you and your customers desire.

Agile app development at itCraft

Agile Scrum

Working in the Agile Scrum framework is our standard practice. We use it to organize our work, communicate better and make our projects productive and effective. It’s a great methodology that prioritizes collaboration between the product owner and the team. Everyone is needed, and their ideas are always taken into consideration. We want you to participate in workshops and meetings actively so that we can learn more about your business and audience.

The latest digital technologies at itCraft

Modern technologies

We are always up to date with the newest technologies and adopt promising frameworks and programming languages to our stack. That’s because we realize the IT world is constantly evolving, and we want to offer innovative services. Using modern tech means your digital product will perform as it should. New devices and operating systems require different approaches, so they naturally run on the latest frameworks. That’s why we always learn – always to be great at what we do.

Experienced Team

ISO certificates

Norms and standards guaranteed by ISO certifications prove that we provide the highest level of security and organization. We are compliant with two: ISO9001 for quality management system and ISO270001 for information security. If your project is based on sensitive data processing, you can be sure it is safe with us. We can also assure the highest possible quality of IT solutions we create. To obtain these ISO certificates, we had to prepare procedures and documentation that guide all our activities, which is also beneficial during your collaboration with itCraft.



We communicate openly and honestly with all of our clients. You will know the hourly rates of each team member, the project’s lineup with timeframe and recommended technologies early on. We want you to be aware of all tasks and actions we will take to make your digital product dream come true. If there’s something that seems not clear, you can always ask, and you will receive the answer right away. A dedicated project manager will talk to you regularly to let you know about the progress and discuss all the details.

Ready to start your new project?

We are aware that it might be a complicated process, and there are so many questions that need answers. Here are the questions we often get as a digital product development company:

It all depends on your requirements. Tell us all the details, including a budget, and we will estimate team composition, time-to-market and hourly rates. You can check out our Pricing tab to see what is included in product cost and how much we charge for our services. Remember that every project is different, and we can provide an individual approach to make sure our work meets your goals.

Again, projects vary. Even if solution types are similar, we always recommend a personalized tech stack based on your customer’s needs, business goals, and capabilities regarding time and money. Usually, we can predict which technologies will suit your product after UX workshops. If you have a framework in mind, let us know, and we will explain if it can be used for your particular project or not.

An idea is a very first step towards your business goals. You don’t need experience in software development – that’s what we are for. Our consultants and analysts will cooperate with you to shape it into a project that can later become a physical reality. We will help you outline objectives, guidelines and a strategy that will serve as a foundation for the production process, so don’t worry. Just let us know what you have in mind.

Indeed. Working in Agile Scrum means we work in 2-week sprints and regularly meet to discuss progress, conquer issues and plan upcoming tasks. You are an active part of this process – nothing is done behind your back and without your knowledge and approval. The dedicated project manager assigned to you will be at your disposal if you have any requests or ideas.

At itCraft, we stay with our clients even after the project “ends”. The quotes are intentional, as frequently the collaboration continues after release. Almost every product needs updates and fixes, sometimes further expansion or additional software. You can count on us in all of these situations. We react fast when there’s a technical malfunction and can be your team when you are ready to take your digital solution to the next level.

Check out some of our previous work

We’ve been working with startups and enterprises from around the world. Check out our past projects to find out what kind of digital products we made for them. Also, you can see our designer’s unique style of work.


Native mobile apps used for multichannel, real-time voice communication capabilities replicating the complex functionality of the existing trader turrets used by traders in the financial market.

See case study

Home Doctor

A complete “Uber-like” platform for patients to book home visits with GPs and other specialists using dedicated apps for doctors and patients, and offering a B2B model for external partners.

See case study

Inter Cars

A native Android app which connects to OBD2 via Bluetooth allowing drivers to run diagnostics, manage preventative maintenance and find specialist service centres.

See case study

More resources about digital product development

There are probably many things about our work that are not exactly understandable to you right now. That’s why we share our expertise in our blog articles. We want to explain technologies, business aspects of software development and current trends. The more aware you are, the better our collaboration. Read the posts below and learn the secrets of successful design, perfect coding, frameworks and using the web and mobile apps to elevate your business.

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