Concept Development

All our development starts with careful and thorough planning

Our services are complete with designing a plan for your proposition. We offer professional analysis of requirements, consultations, finalised with a comprehensive system brief with a price estimation of your project.

We help craft your idea into a comprehensive mobile system brief

Having an idea for an mobile or web app is a great start in any book. But an idea will not get you downloads, good reviews or even a cost estimate of your future mobile app. Throwing an idea at developers and software houses will result in comparing quotes like apples with oranges. Some developers (usually the better ones) won’t even bother to answer with an estimate to an idea. There’s just not enough to go on.

From an idea to plan

As an experienced software house we work with our clients to create best possible path for development. Next time you would like your idea crafted into an actual plan of action, our know-how, experience and tools will be at your disposal. With our Concept Development workshops we aim to assess and analyse your idea, recommend suitable approach and specify requirements for your project.

Validating an idea

Every idea needs validation. If your friends, family, business partners – all think it’s a great one, then it most probably is. Once that’s out of the way it’s time to turn it into a plan. Every plan requires more than one perspective. If it’s just your point of view, then you’re planning something for yourself – this we don’t call business, we call it a hobby. Hobbies dont make money, hobbies cost money. Learning this with software development can be a particularly painful lesson.

Professional planning

If you make your own plan, verify it with others, they will tell you what you’re missing, what could be improved and even predict issues and obstacles you could face. You can choose to try us out (or just our way) for your concept development.

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To ensure proper communication with clients, all our employees have a good command of English. We employ native English consultants.

We employ native English consultants to ensure all matters of communication, as well as translations or documentation are done to highest standards. All our employees keep improving their linguistic skills with in-house lessons and everyday conversations.

This is how we approach your concept development

Phase 1. Consultation. We gather info on how your business/enterprise works, what challenges or issues you are facing, and which of them could be solved with an appropriate IT solution

Phase 2. Thorough analysis and report on  competitive solutions (statistics, issues, advantages, comparison table, screens)

Phase 3. Meeting. We meet with you and discuss existing solutions, analyse and jointly outline your future project.

Phase 4. The final stage of concept development is preparing a brief that summarises our consultations, presents a proposed solution and gives a price estimation.

The effects

When we’re done working with you on the brief, you will have a concrete material on your hands to further your mobile app. The brief will be prepared so the developers know exactly what your expectations are, which technologies should be used, time required for development and all other necessary details to estimate costs and timeframe of the project. Our own price estimate will be an actual offer, not just a rough estimate. Now you can start looking for the right developer for what you need, ask for estimates and consider offers that suit your requirements. No more apples and pears.  

The only thing you will now need is the right people for the job. Make sure the offers you consider are comprehensive and transparent. With our brief they will have no excuse – they now must be able to tell you if they can cover the whole project, how much it will cost and how long it should take to complete.