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Many young programmers seem somewhat discouraged from applying for a position with itCraft. Although they want to be programmers, and their focus is on mobile applications, they do not yet know the options they have, what they should learn and what path to take for further development.
At itCraft, we have experienced specialists who will use their competencies, skills, and knowledge to help you find your way. Our team comprises, among others, full-stackers, native Android and iOS developers and many more. We stay up-to-date, always learning and introducing latest technologies, including eg. React Native. If you’re into Redux, Typescript/Javascript and VisualStudioCode IDE or similar tools then you might just be who we are looking for.
We understand it might be hard to make decisions about your future. We’ve been there ourselves. Some of us focused on a specific technology and stuck with it, some changed their mind along the way, but most, with support and guidance, eventually discovered what’s right for them.
In the meantime, we have prepared a short ebook with all the necessary knowledge for junior iOS developers that may be helpful to check what to learn and where to find the knowledge.

So if you want to become a programmer, you are learning interesting technologies, but you can’t yet define your own development path, let us know. Tell us in an email who you are, any questions you may have about technologies that you know, or would like to learn more about. If we feel that you have the right attitude and are keen to join us, we will work out a way for you to become part of our team.
If you’re not into coding, but still want to be involved in the IT industry, a tester’s career could be right for you. QA engineers and their skills are key to every project’s success. It is thanks to them we can deliver top quality software free of bugs and errors. Do you want to help us ensure only the highest quality products leave our production line? Apply for a tester’s position now!

Please include the following in your application:

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