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Why is Outsourcing so crucial?

Why not outsource your IT needs to a company from another European country? The benefits are magnificent. You can get lower hourly rates and still get excellent digital products. Communication is flawless, work organization on point… What else might you need for an effective software development project? Trust us, with ten years of experience and multiple satisfied clients, we can provide the quality, engagement and efficiency you are looking for.

Software development company in Berlin

Basic information

There is no business in today’s world without a custom, robust digital product. Enterprises and startups invest in web and mobile apps that become the central pillar of their businesses. It’s a great way to reach out to the customers, find new ones and promote products or services.

Android App Development

There are millions of Android devices you can connect with via your mobile application. You just need well-tested software. Why? Because this operating system is available on smartphones and tablets made by various manufacturers – meaning it has to work splendidly on all types of screens. Our programmers have a lot of experience in coding such apps, so you don’t have to worry.

iOS App Development

Building an app for iOS makes a lot of sense. It’s the second most used type of mobile devices with a significant base of devoted fans. You should definitely have a digital product that will work on this system, too. Don’t worry. Our iOS team is prepared to create software with fast performance and aesthetically pleasing interfaces. 

Flutter App Development

Probably your goal includes a mobile app that works on both Android and iOS. Why should you limit yourself if there are so many clients using each? We know that developing two native apps is not always possible. Moreover, it’s not always necessary. Flutter is an excellent cross-platform framework that allows us to build an app that will work on more than one OS but will have only one codebase. For many businesses, it’s a perfect solution.

Web development services in Germany

Web technologies are relevant and oftentimes demanded by users. Be sure to do proper research. If your customers need a website or a web app, we’re here for you. We create web software that stands out with quality, performance and accessibility. User experience is always the priority, so you can be sure your customers will appreciate your brand’s digital products.

Machine learning app developers in Berlin, Germany

In the 21st century, everyone wants to innovate. Machine learning and other artificial intelligence algorithms are becoming more and more popular in software products. We also implement such solutions for our clients. We know that digitalization and the introduction of modern digital products are priorities for many companies.

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Why itCraft

Why work with us?

The strong point of our offer is that you get everything in one package. You don’t have to outsource from multiple places because at itCraft, we have all the specialists on board. If you need something unconventional – we are ready to deliver it. Our collaboration will be flawless thanks to our refined process and constant communication.

Because you will get a dedicated team of experts that will put all their energy, knowledge and skills into your software. You pay for what you get because we work in a system that uses as many resources as truly required to finish the product. You can expect:

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Support from our consultants whenever you need it. We advise our clients regarding all fields of production and beyond,

UX and UI workshops that last two days and give you, as well as our specialists, a space to discuss the project and prepare its scope,

Cooperation with a dedicated project manager that will be a middleman between you and the team,

The latest digital technologies at itCraft

Seasoned designers and developers that know everything about creating excellent software and are not afraid of challenges,

Quality assurance crew responsible for manual and automated tests of your product to deliver a perfect end result,

And everything you might need after the release of your product – maintenance, further growth and additional services.

Check out our process

Basic information

We incorporate the steps described below into every production process. Of course, you can count on our flexibility and individual approach, but this structure allows you and the team to make collaboration more productive and goal-oriented.

UX/UI Workshops

This is a mandatory step that makes a huge difference. Two days of workshops are dedicated to preparing the project scope and discussing details.


Creating functional and beautiful interfaces with seamless user experience is definitely something we intensely focus on. Efforts are worth it, no doubt!


Writing consistent, working code is the key to success. We have developers specializing in web and mobile, native and cross-platform, front-end and back-end on board.

Quality assurance

Tests are one of the crucial parts when it comes to software development. Preventing defects early means they won’t disrupt the product later on.


When your software is ready, we can help you release it in the app stores, make it go online and give you the tools to control it.


Do you need updates for your product? Or maybe you want to develop it further? Just let us know and let’s continue our collaboration.

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Outsourcing with itCraft is easy. You just have to contact us and tell us about your idea. We will transform it into a digital product that will support your business, give your customers value and help you grow revenue. We have more than ten years of experience within the IT industry and we helped several startups and enterprises to raise funds, win awards and become market leaders.

Reach out and our consultants will tell you what’s the next step. Don’t worry, we will guide you throughout the whole process. Together we can achieve spectacular results and give your business the boost it needs. Are you in?

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