After service maintenance SLA

Mobile and web development doesn’t end with with a complete app

We offer ongoing maintenance and service for your product. We make it our priority that your app is up to date, works properly on latest devices and is clear of bugs and errors. Further development, adding new features, and scaling of your app are important for it to remain competitive. Standing by the products we develop we want them to constantly improve and conform to highest achievable standards.

After service maintenance/ SLA

Working with itCraft gives you the peace of mind that you’re getting the best product, on time and how you want it. The road to glory, be it for software, web or a mobile app does not end with a completed project. Some say even, that a mobile app is never really finished. At least not one poised for real, long term success

Building an app and then leaving it to fend for itself in this ever changing world of technology is anything but a recipe for success.

Ongoing support

Some products require ongoing service – quick reaction time to any issues and fixes, carried out within certain timeframes. If you come up with an idea for a new feature well into your apps career, we’ve got you covered. If any issues should occur after the standard warranty period, with an SLA we can address them quickly, offering diagnostics, fixes, workarounds and development at short notice without you having to wait in queues at developers doors or service provider, losing time and profits.

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To ensure proper communication with clients, all our employees have a good command of English. We employ native English consultants.

We employ native English consultants to ensure all matters of communication, as well as translations or documentation are done to highest standards. All our employees keep improving their linguistic skills with in-house lessons and everyday conversations.

Thorough maintenance

ItCraft offers thorough maintenance of delivered products. Ongoing service is crucial for keeping your software up to date with latest technological developments. Updating your product to conform, or sometimes simply work on a new device is essential for it to stay competitive. Ever seen the message ”not available for this  device”? This is exactly where developers maintenance comes into play. ItCraft develops their products in a way that allows further growth as well as adjustments to changes in technology.

We can keep your product up to date with latest mobile system versions, modify it to work on latest device releases and cover any hard to predict changes in technology. This type of service is maintenance and the scope of work required is hard to predict. Having an ongoing agreement with us ensures that the fixes are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Fair pricing

The pricing is designed to be fair and is done according to the amount of unique users of your app. Our philosophy here is: the more users, the higher the requirements for service. SLA is set at a monthly fee, according to complexity and requirements of your product, and the unique users amount. Working on an ongoing basis with itCraft  ensures thorough analysis and complete solutions to any arising issues.