The itCraft manifesto

At itCraft we practise software craftsmanship. Every project is different and there are no standard solutions. Every project has a learning curve which allows us to gain new skills. Every project creates challenges we have to address. It's all about our creativity and technology put at your service.


Communication is crucial. We want you to feel listened to. First, we talk to understand your needs. Then, we talk to agree on scope and technologies. Then, we talk about the progress. And finally, we talk to see if you are happy with the outcome. All this using modern tools such as, Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts or e-mail. 24/7.


We rely on Scrum because we believe in continuous delivery of valuable software. Changes and new requirements are welcomed at all stages of development. Technical excellence and working design make us happy. Simplicity is the key: the amount of unnecessary work not done is as important as the hours spent on building your dream software.


We love modern technology. We really do. We use native languages for iOS and Android. Our backend is based on verified and safe solutions such as Google Cloud or Amazon AWS. Our technological stack includes Swift, Java, Angular, Bootstrap, Google App Engine, database engines from Google or PostgreSQL. We know them all.


We deliver 100% of our projects because we never compromise on quality. If we are not happy with the project, we keep working on it until it meets our standards of excellence. Once your app is up and running, you can still count on our help within guaranteed SLAs.


UX/UI design, app development, implementation, testing and final deployment – consider it done! Just sit back and relax, while we work for you. Oh, and we throw in a consultancy bonus, too: at any stage you can count on our friendly yet sincere advice.


Whether your project is a top secret army application, a life-changing solution or you simply do not want anybody to know about it, mum’s the word.
We always sign NDAs.