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Outsourcing is one of the best ways to build a robust, visually appealing digital product without wasting resources. By working with web and mobile app developers from Poland, you can be sure that you’ll get high-quality software. At the same time, you’ll be able to spend your time and money efficiently. There are countless benefits of offshore development in Poland. At itCraft, we know how to work with clients from many parts of the world. Trust our expertise, and we will help your business skyrocket!

Software development company from Warsaw, Poland

Basic information

If you want to create a new business or expand your existing one, having a digital product is necessary. We create mobile and web applications, internal systems, websites and much more. You just have to tell us what you need. Don’t be scared of innovation. Even if your product is challenging, we’re not afraid. Visionaries change the world.

Android App Development

Android devices are popular, especially in Europe. Ignoring such a big market and its broad audience isn’t the best decision. When building apps for this operating system, you need experienced programmers and skilled testers. They’ll be able to test the solution on various screens and versions of Android. This way, you can be sure your software will be seamless on all devices.

iOS App Development

Building software for Apple devices is different, as they are all unified and based on iOS – one operating system for all. With seasoned developers on board, you’ll get an excellent digital product with perfect performance and aesthetics. Of course, we test all the software we create from the start of each project. That’s how we can be sure it works as it should and meets the product owner’s requirements.

Flutter App Development

You want both an Android and iOS app, but you are worried that the budget is too tight? Or maybe you don’t have enough time? There are a lot of projects where the cross-platform framework Flutter is a perfect choice. We can see that using such technologies is a growing trend. Although using a native language is sometimes better, Flutter is a significant competitor that shouldn’t be ignored. We often recommend it to our clients.

Web development services from Poland

If you need a website or a web app, you’re in the right place. Our front-end and back-end specialists will prepare a unique digital product to support your business and give your customers a flawless experience. We also build internal systems for enterprises.

Machine learning app developers from Warsaw, Poland

Innovation is an opportunity for your business to excel. We help clients from many countries build solutions based on machine learning, an AI-based technology that powers up web and mobile apps. Thanks to this, you can create personalised services for your customers, and believe us – they will appreciate it a lot!

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Why work with us?

Many companies don’t offer such comprehensive services, and with them, you need to outsource parts of your product to different places. Whether you have a small project like rebranding or one-platform software, or a complex system with several essential features to create, we can help. Each of our clients gets the same benefits, and we’re flexible so you can always expand the project or add new stages.

Getting access to all sorts of IT specialists means you receive all the services required for your project. That includes:

Consultations at every stage of software development

Two day UX/UI workshops that are a great chance to meet with the team, discuss details and prepare product specifications

A dedicated project manager to be in touch with you whenever you need

Designers and developers responsible for preparing your application or other software in all possible aspects

Testers that will take care of quality assurance activities at all stages of the project

Maintenance and additional services suitable to your requirements

Check out our process

Basic information

With a refined process that we’ve prepared throughout years of work, we can assure you that all stages of the project will run smoothly and seamlessly. We work in Agile Scrum methodology because it promotes productivity, organization and collaboration amongst all team members – including the product owner. Adding transparent and honest communication to that means that we can discuss issues, share ideas and propose (sometimes unconventional) solutions.

UX/UI Workshops

We always start off our work with the client with two days of meetings to discuss the scope of the project.


Creating the visual aspects of the product is the first step towards the final result. Our UX and UI designs are always eye-catching and aesthetic.


Coding begins. Our programmers create mobile apps, web apps and other software (or parts of it) from scratch, depending on your needs.

Quality assurance

Testing is one of the most critical phases; it should happen from the very beginning of the project.


We prepare the product for release and support the client in this process.


After the software hits the market, you can still count on us for fixes, updates and further development.

Are you looking for an offshore IT vendor? Look no more!

itCraft is a Polish company with years of experience, many successfully finished projects and more than 100 experts on board. We work with clients from almost all continents. Their needs are always our priority, and thanks to our flexibility and openness, we can adjust our work to meet individual requirements. You can count on us every time you need to make adjustments or change the plan. We know that the market is constantly evolving and your digital product has to be adjusted to the clients’ priorities.

If you’d like to visit us, our offices are located in Bydgoszcz, Toruń and Warsaw, Poland. You can also send a message or give us a call. Our consultants will gather all the necessary information to start collaboration, and we can create something extraordinary together!

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