How we work in 9 easy steps

Krok 1.

The journey begins

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If you found us, you have already made the first one. From now on, we will continue together until we reach your destination: a fully working app. And we propose you the best way to get there: the itCraft way.

Krok 2.

Establishing confidence

Doing business is about trusting each other. We know your idea is unique to you and so it is to us. That’s why we offer you your “travel insurance”: full confidentiality guaranteed by an NDA.

Krok 3.

Getting to know your goals

Most likely you have asked yourself the same questions we are about to ask you now. Why do you want to make the app? What problem is it going to solve? What is the added value? Who is going to use it and when? And so on. Although it may look to you as tiresome, it will help us to understand your thinking. It will also help us to assist you better.

Krok 4.

The price & the programme

The better we know what you want to achieve, the more detailed quote you will get. A single price broken down into modules and milestones is what we agree at the beginning. Then, we divide your payments into instalments directly linked to the progress of our work.

Krok 5.

Checking your Value Proposition

We always start analysing your Value Proposition. By creating personas and user stories for your app, from the very beginning we anticipate potential issues. There will be a lot of discussions at this point but at the end of the day it is going to be worth it. Finally, we will either confirm your Value Proposition or pivot it.

Krok 6.

Building the experience

Your app will be as good as the experience it offers and for that reason our UX designers will make sure it cannot be any better. They will create your UX map from scratch, then prepare wireframes and branding, and finally a fully working mockup. All this bearing in mind top industry standards as well as solutions recommended by Google and Apple.

Krok 7.

All hands on deck: development & testing

It takes a lot of work to transform a mockup into an app. Backend, frontend, iOs & Android devs using only well known and tested technologies supported by Google, Apple or Oracle will deliver the almost final product. Almost, because it will then require manual and automatic inhouse alfa testing and then external beta testing. When we are all happy with the final result, the big day has come and the app is ready for implementation.

Krok 8.

Your app goes live

If your app is to conquer the world, it has to be implemented without any faults. We will ensure a smooth start in both Google Play and App Store fulfilling all requirements and making sure all works as it should. We will also help with descriptions, pictures and videos that accompany the app as well as setting up Google Analytics or similar tools for you to monitor user behaviours.

Krok 9.

Maintenance and upgrades

It may seem that our work is done here, but your app will surely need maintenance and upgrades from time to time. Even though we endeavour to avoid them, faults may occur. Do not worry – you always get a 12 months guarantee period during which we will remove them free of charge. Once these 12 months are up, we can continue working for you using the SLA mechanism