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Product Support

Why is Outsourcing so crucial?

At itCraft, we understand that the success of your project is critical. The time and effort that goes into developing a unique web or mobile app is significant. For this reason, we have a support team you can depend on every step of the way. Our product support team has helped companies from across the globe get the most out of their digital product. We offer a range of support services to our customers, which help them extend the life of their software and ensure it is working at optimum levels.

To start, we have a dedicated help desk that operates under mutually agreed conditions. The help desk is here to answer all of your questions or queries and provide timely feedback to avoid unnecessary delays.

In a need of a product support?

The itCraft product support team can support you with bug fixes or further system development requirements. Our developers utilise their expertise in the latest technology and tools to fix any bugs or assist you with system updates. Their experience with apps and digital products across multiple devices will ensure that your business needs are satisfied.

Our team can also assist your business with system maintenance, system monitoring, consulting support, and testing maintenance & documentation. Our range of services will help resolve any issues that you experience throughout your project’s lifecycle. We maintain ongoing communication so that you are never left feeling neglected.

itCraft product support services are here to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our range of services are tailored to suit any budget or timeline – all we need to understand is the scope and requirements of your project.

Check out our range of services below:

Product support services

Dedicated help desk

The itCraft help desk is here to provide your business with the support it needs. After developing your software, it is vital to maintain the source code and ensure it is running efficiently. Our support team is here to ensure that your digital product, mobile app or web app is running at an optimal level. 

We understand that your project is of the utmost importance to you and your business and do everything in our power to remedy issues as quickly as possible. Our support team will assess the problem based on the level of priority. Critical issues are given the highest priority to minimise the impact on usability and user experience. We assess lower priority issues with equal attention; however, we always prioritise those that affect key system functions.

It doesn’t matter if you are building a mobile app, digital product or developing new technology; the itCraft help desk is here to assist you. We’ve helped dozens of companies, big and small, stay on track with their digital project vision. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the itCraft help desk and digital product support services.

Bug fixes

A bug fix is a change to a system or product designed to handle a programming bug or glitch. An endless amount of programming bugs can create errors within your system, program, application, or any other digital product. Fixing bugs is an ongoing process. To successfully resolve these issues, you require a dedicated IT or development team that run constant audits and check your program for potential problems.

itCraft engineers can help locate and identify bugs before they become a critical issue to key system functions. Our developers have a wealth of experience in software development, management and auditing. By understanding the purpose of your software, our developers familiarise themselves with your needs and make the necessary fixes.

itCraft developers and software engineers use data to develop their solutions. Additionally, if your digital product is not running at optimal speeds, they can suggest a range of solutions or tools to fix the problem. Our team works tirelessly to fix bugs in an efficient and timely manner. With itCraft support, you can rest easy and know that your mobile app, web application, or digital product is in safe hands. We’ve helped customers maintain high-quality projects for over ten years and counting.

Further system development

One of the unique characteristics of digital products is that they are never completely finished. Why? Because technology is expanding rapidly with updates and new features, there is always something new to add.

As a business owner, keeping up to date with the latest software updates, product launches, and developments in technology can be a daunting task. It is also a very time-consuming undertaking. With itCraft product support, we can ensure that your project will never stagnate or lose ground to your competitors. Our product services team can assist you with further system developments when they become necessary to your company. This support can be ongoing or simply when you require our assistance – it is entirely up to you.

itCraft system development support can help expand existing app features, make software updates or develop an entirely new aspect of your product. Technology is expanding so quickly that further development to your web or mobile app is a must to stay competitive. Our team understand the value of your project and what it means to your business operations. With itCraft system development support, we will ensure that your systems are up to scratch.

System maintenance

Developing a truly unique digital product is no small feat. It requires a considerable amount of dedication and effort to get an idea off the ground, let alone successfully launched. Many businesses encounter problems because they can’t maintain their digital product after launch. Often this is a result of stretching your team too thin and not having the capacity to stay on top of it all.

System maintenance is critical to the long-term viability of your digital product. It is the process of monitoring, evaluating and modifying existing information systems to make the required or desirable improvements. With itCraft system maintenance support, we ensure that your digital products never fall behind. We offer our support based on your individual requirements. 

Our experienced team of software developers, engineers and designers work together with you to maintain your systems. You can rely on them to provide support and feedback when your business needs it. We ensure that your digital product is never neglected and that it remains in top quality condition for your users. 

System monitoring & optimisation

Building a great mobile app or web application can take years of careful time and strategy until you are finally ready to release. The entire process is huge, but it is entirely worth it. The feeling you get when you see your live app or when you get your first customer is unmatched. But, in order to keep getting that feeling, you need to ensure that your web or mobile app is constantly monitored and checked to ensure it’s performing at an optimal rate.

Many businesses fail to recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy system. Often they see the early rewards but lack the understanding that their apps need constant optimisation to sustain growth. Others are fully aware of this notion but lack the workforce to do it successfully.

It doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in; with our service, your digital product will never stall in its growth. We help businesses realise the full potential of their digital creation. Our mission is to ensure that users have a pleasant experience with your product and maintain your business’ excellent reputation in the process.

Consulting support

No two digital products are the same. Every project requires thoughtful attention to detail to truly stand apart. Having a clear strategy is also critical to the success and longevity of any digital product. For many, their idea will never manage to become anything more than that, an idea. Others know what they need to do to develop their idea but need a helping hand along the way.

itCraft consulting support can help turn even the smallest idea into reality. We’ve advised companies large and small on the necessary steps to take to get the job finished. It doesn’t matter if you only have an idea; with itCraft consulting services, we will develop the necessary strategy to deliver your product.

Firstly, we can assist in the design and development of your digital product. Our team of designers and software developers have a wealth of knowledge that will set your project off in the right direction. Once the idea has started to get off the ground, our consulting support can devise a branding strategy fit for your digital product. We also offer digital marketing consultancy services to help get your product in the eyes of consumers. Whether that is through search engine optimisation, app store optimisation (ASO), social media campaigns or paid advertising, we can provide you with the support you need.

Change requests

In the midst of an ongoing project, change requests are often met with apprehension. A critical change when you’re so close to completion is usually the last thing anyone wants to hear. The reality is that change requests are a part of life, and almost always, they are for the betterment of the product.

Change requests are proposals to make an adjustment to a project, which are often brought up by the client or by a fellow team member. This is often the case when the client wants to change something that will impact the pre-agreed deliverables. Change requests that are made within the scope tend to have little influence on the overall project. However, change requests outside the scope can have a huge effect on the project’s timeframe and budget.

The easiest way for us to answer that question is to contact us to give us a little more information. Every project that we’ve worked on is unique in its own way, and we base our service costs on our client’s individual needs.

To find out more, simply fill out our contact box or visit our pricing page for additional information.

At itCraft, our number one priority is you. Our agile team work together with you to deliver outstanding results. To do this, we stay organised and meet regularly to discuss all of our ongoing projects.

The itCraft team works in 2-week sprints, allowing us to prioritise open tasks to deliver on time. We also highly value the input of our customers. Every day of the sprint, the team meet to discuss the day’s priorities which we invite you to be a part of. Our mission is to deliver your project within time and budget so you can rest easy.

We can provide support to those who only have a simple idea in their head. The beauty of an idea is that there are so many ways to run with it! Don’t be afraid if you’re not yet sold on your idea. The itCraft team can provide the support you need to nurture your idea until it comes to life. Our skilled designers, developers, and marketing & branding specialists will ensure that even the simplest of ideas will become a reality. Contact us to give us a little more information, and we can take it from there.

Why itCraft

Why itCraft?

At itCraft, we understand that change requests are part of any successful project. We take on your change requests carefully and thoughtfully to ensure that your needs are met without compromise. Every client differs, as do their needs, so be assured that your requests will be treated as unique to your business. With itCraft, we will ensure that your project stays on track while minimising the impact on time and budget.

Service Level Agreements

In order to support your digital product post-production, the most economical solution for our clients is entering a service level agreement, which is a fixed cost on a month-to-month basis. Each SLA is agreed based on the following:

Key System Functions

Key functions of your application are agreed upon and often determine the level of engagement required of our team to support your digital product. It is crucial to understand which parts of the product are crucial in the running of your business.  

Response time

Response time refers to the amount of time between notifying itCraft and reviewing the completeness of notification, additionally requested information and the confirmation of acceptance of the issue to be resolved.

Remedy time

Remedy time refers to the time that has elapsed between notification and the issue being resolved. It does not include the required time for technical validations regarding new system versions on the part of distributors such as Google Play, App Store, and others. This process is out of our control.


At itCraft, we assign a priority level to the notification based on the key system finctionality, which determines both response time and remedy time.

  • Low: Priority level that is assigned to notifications when there are minor disruptions to system functions.
  • High: Priority level that is assigned in the event of an issue that is causing non-critical disruptions to key system functions, regardless of the number of users.
  • Critical: Priority level that is assigned in the event of an incident preventing a key system function that affects all or the majority of users.

Contact us regarding the product support

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