Product design and technical analysis

Thorough and complete product design is crucial for accurate development

Before developers can start creating your product, they need to know what solution is best for you, what technologies will be included, how the product will be used and what it will look like. We design the apps based on accurate technical analysis and propose full map of the product development, including structure, features, flows and graphic design of your future app.

Product design and technical analysis

In software and mobile app development an idea is not enough. A business plan and establishing a value proposition is enough to find a developer for your project. With us, the first stage of works on your project, after establishing a brief, will be a technical analysis and design of your future product.

Proposition of a solution

This will be done not just as an internal stage of works, but as an autonomous, comprehensive service, which does not (necessarily) need to be contracted to us to continue. We design a solution, which will cover full scope of solutions for your requirements and present you with a complete design of your product. When a client comes to us with a concept of an application they know (usually) what it’s supposed to be doing, who it’s for, how it is going to make money and what features/functions it will have. ItCraft’s job is now to tell what sort technologies, components and services will be required to achieve all that.

Technological requirements

We start with technical analysis. Here we take your product concept and analyse it to be able to tell you (and anyone who will be involved in development) the technical requirements to achieve your goal. ItCraft’s analysis will comprise of a list of technologies to develop your product, be it Android, iOS or a cross-platform application. Propositions of solutions will be provided so you can present them to developers in a language they speak fluently. By seeing what type of backend, database engine, components and tools are required, they will be able to tell you not only if they’re able to make it. They will also know if they have the specialists to cover all bases. Technical analysis will also answer the questions of integration, protocols and APIs – the resources for your application’s needs.

The design phase

The next phase of development is Product Design. The process here requires considerably more work than the relatively simple analysis. Here, our specialists build a model of your app. First we need to get to know your future customer. What your app will be used for, by whom, how, and in what way it will benefit the user. The product design will show all the features and functionalities of your app and simulate the users experience of it. The UX map will be next – the mapping out of “screens” – all the required features between which a user might wander using your app, this may include: login screens, particular features, lists, chat windows, forms etc..

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We employ native English consultants to ensure all matters of communication, as well as translations or documentation are done to highest standards. All our employees keep improving their linguistic skills with in-house lessons and everyday conversations.


The next step will be a clickable simulation of the app. This will show all the screens in an active mockup form, where it will be possible to see the flows of all functionalities as they would look in the finished app. A prototype, if you please. Lastly, the product design would contain the proposition of the graphic theme – consulting with you, our designers will propose the final look of your app – colors, shapes, backgrounds, icons to click etc. The graphic designers we hire do keep up with latest trends and always prioritise the clients needs, so if you’re not happy with what you see, they just keep trying. All the steps above will be thoroughly documented with reports accompanying each part of your design. With this documentation, choosing the right developer for your project management will no longer pose an issue. You will be able to present them with a thoroughly designed product, covering requirements, solutions, look, feel, and an actual prototype of it. Based on this, any (respectable) software house will be able to give you a very close estimate of cost and time of production. We most definitely wil