Cloud Backend Developing

Most mobile apps require backend service for things the device itself cannot manage

Wide range of available tools and services, streamlined development processes and greatly reduced development time are only few obvious benefits of Cloud. Being a Google Cloud partner gives us the ability to develop secure, highly scalable and globally accepted backend solutions for your web or mobile app.

Cloud backend development

When it comes to the server side of things – web and mobile apps both face the issue of scalability. An app may start as a small venture just to suddenly spring to life becoming a bestselling tool everyone wants to have.

ItCraft is the first european Google Cloud Partner. We worked hard for many years to establish this partnership and joined the elite club of (back in 2017) only several dozen companies globally to boast the title.

Safe, secure and compliant

If you’re planning an app that works with sensitive data – health records, personal details etc. , it’s a good idea to use Cloud, as providers don’t just offer highly secured services, but are also compliant with various regulations, like HIPAA in the U.S., which is required to provide any service dealing with eg. with patients` data.

Out with the old…

Classic backend building is a process both time consuming and the effect of which is on one hand comprehensive and complete for the project, on the other – covers and supports only the specified functionalities of the product. If you see your ios or android app growing, changing and evolving in the future, you must make that clear at the beginning of the development to avoid issues with subsequent changes, that you’d like to make once the product is finished and delivered.

Most if not all (they all should) developers offer maintenance and after service to their clients that can cover modifications and additions, but restrictions of custom, dedicated  platform can make the process costly and time consuming.

In with the new

Working with top Cloud providers – Google and Amazon offers access to a range of services that make the development of the backend and evolving it according to needs much more streamlined than with classic approach.Moving your system to Cloud opens the way to unlimited scalability, gives access to a variety of tools, features and perks, and allows for high levels of safety and security.

Cloud backend development enables your software to be placed on Cloud servers, so you don’t need to set up your own equipment for it. Safety and security is then assured by your Cloud provider, you get access to various custom services and platforms to enhance your product, and the speed of development is significantly increased.

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We employ native English consultants to ensure all matters of communication, as well as translations or documentation are done to highest standards. All our employees keep improving their linguistic skills with in-house lessons and everyday conversations.

Growing without the pain

The most impressive and useful ‘’feature’’ of Cloud Backend is it’s scalability. Unlike custom, single app dedicated backends, Cloud enables practically seamless scaling of your product. When looking at examples like Pokemon Go! or Snapchat which both use Google Cloud, being able to go big in a very short time and service millions of users could prove to be the key to success. Imagine waiting several weeks or months to increase your mobile apps capacity. The effects could be highly inconvenient if not plain disastrous

Bells and whistles

Cloud backend allows you to add new services to your mobile app easily. Developing your product for the Cloud ensures that extra features offered by providers are compatible with your product and can be integrated with it easily and without glitches. You can improve your app quickly and with much less work involved in development.

Being a Google Cloud Partner allows itCraft to develop quickly, saving you time and money. The product we provide will be compliant with safety and security requirements, scalable, and most of all easy to evolve, grow and perfect.