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Fintech Solutions

FinTech companies are currently among the fastest
developing businesses in the technological sector.

Fintech industry has been around for more than 100 years. Fintech is changing and growing faster than ever before. Experts say that the revolution in finances will be strongly connected to the breakingthrough technologies development.

Fintechs are companies which use technology to transform businesses and operating models in the financial services sector. In the recent years Fintech has grown significantly. Investments in 2015 had a total deal value of $60 billion globally.


Recognised financial institution by the Financial Supervision Authority of Poland, meaning they meet all the market standards and are a safe partner.

With Finoki you can fill the loan application in just a few minutes. A simple calculator allows you to pick the amount of money you are interested in and how fast you would like to repay it. After filling the form you get the information if you have postivie or negative loan decision. After fullfilment of all requirements all the information is in your profile along with repay schedule.

  • Loan calculator
  • Recent loans acquired
  • Loan application and credit rating
  • Personal profile
  • History of loans
  • Financial Supervision Authority of Poland
  • loans
  • loan calculator
  • credit rating
  • loans history


The app uses the sharing economy approach. Users take out insurance in groups. Based on the insurance period, members of the group may receive a refund of part of the premium. The fewer claims made within the group, the higher the cashback (up to 50% of premiums).

We outsourced one of our Android developers to take part in the project.

  • Group insurance offers
  • Personal profile
  • Insurance history
  • Discounts
  • group insurance
  • insurance
  • insurance history
  • cashback