All that you want to know but do not dare to ask


I want to work with you. Where do I start?

Share your idea with us. Let us know what your needs are and who and how is going to use your app. The quickest way is to fill out the form we have prepared for you. Drop us an e-mail at and ask for the link.


Once the app is ready, what about source code and author’s economic rights?

It’s obvious – they are all yours. Forever and ever. You get the source code and you get the rights. It’s all written down in the agreement we sign at the beginning of our collaboration.


Does your price include a warranty?

Sure it does. Once the app is up and running, you get 12 months warranty. Any problems or defects we did not notice during testing? We will sort them out for you. ASAP.

Need more TLC and additional benefits? No probs, ask about possible SLA.


I would like to develop the app in the future. Will it be possible?

Of course. We always make sure that we use modern and popular programming languages as well as frameworks that can be developed over time. We are good at what we do and so is our code.


Is it safe to buy an offshore service?

At all stages of our collaboration your safety is our priority. We would never compromise it and neither would we risk our reputation. We were established in 2010 and completed over 250 projects in healthcare, telecommunications, transport & logistics, enterprise solutions, and e-commerce for companies such as Makro Cash&Carry, Sodexo, Rossmann, Top Secret, Deloitte, Roche, LUX MED (Bupa Group), InterCars, Bank BPH, DHL and many others.

The company focuses on the outstanding quality of implemented processes, services, and all aspects related to safety, confirmed by the ISO 9001 / ISO 27001 certificates and multiple awards from Clutch, Tech Reviewer, and The Manifest.

We are extremely proud to be Google Cloud Partner. Any paperwork we sign with you is in English. And we don’t expect you to pay for your app up front: we do ask for an advanced payment at the beginning but then you pay as we deliver.
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How am I charged for your work?

We like simple. That’s why we prefer fixed price to charging per hour. You tell us what you want and we price it. End of story.


What about graphics and artwork?

You can count on us with regards to graphics and artwork, too. Our UX/UI designers are masters at their craft.


Will you help me with marketing my app?

Different apps need different marketing strategies and to tell the truth marketing is not our area of expertise. However, we know the right people who can help and we will be delighted to introduce them to you.


I want a big & complex system. Can you manage?

Certainly. We love projects that last over three months and involve 10+ of our itCraft staff. Challenges such as creating systems similar to Uber, Tinder or any other popular app that serves millions of users every day make us happy. For them, we use cloud solutions which allows them to be used simultaneously by a large number of people.

Not the answers you were looking for? No probs. Drop us a line and we will get back to you with answers to all your queries.

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