Why should you download this ebook?

Finding materials to learn Quality Assurance is extremely easy nowadays. You just need to Google the right phrase and you will get tons of results. But it is harder to actually decide what’s essential and up-to-date, as well as what to look for exactly.


What is inside?

QA basics

List of subjects that you should familiarize yourself with at the beginning of your adventure with testing.

Additional Stuff

Complimentary to the basic topic materials that will make you shine during the recruitment process.


Various sources that you can use for learning and growth: books, articles and video tutorials.


Workflow tools we use at itCraft, our best practices and the way we work with our clients.

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itCraft’s mission is to consistently deliver high-quality mobile innovations to businesses around the world. We provide our complex software production services to established corporations and promising startups. If you have an IT project in mind, let us know how we can help.

To be or not to be a QA? That is the question!

Many young testers seem somewhat discouraged from applying for a position with itCraft. Although they want to be responsible for quality assurance, and their focus is on mobile applications, they do not yet know the options they have, what they should learn and what path to take for further development.

We understand it might be hard to make decisions about your future. We’ve been there ourselves. That is why we decided to work on a ebook with all the necessary knowledge for juniors that may be helpful to check what to learn and where to find the knowledge.

Today, we are presenting our first ebook dedicated to junior testers.