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Who should download this ebook?

No matter if you’re a startup founder or a part of a bigger enterprise – this ebook is for you. Maybe you work as a Product Owner, or a CTO? If your goal is to find out the pros and cons of cross-platform or native development, you are in the right place. You will find out what are the main features of these two solutions, what are the differences between them and how companies benefit by applying them to their mobile apps.

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What is inside?

Case studies

Examples of our clients who trusted cross-platform or native frameworks in their software projects. Find out what they picked, why they did it and what the outcome was.


Conversations with developers, product owners and other involved specialists. We’ve asked them what’s their point of view on native and cross-platform technologies.


We comprehensively compare native and cross-platform development using concrete languages and frameworks to find out their potential and benefits.

Business results

This ebook provides you with the real effects of using native and cross-platform development in startups and enterprises. We analyze how their software products influenced their businesses.

Cross-platform or Native?
That's the question!

Every mobile app project is different. Choosing a technology stack depends on several factors we should carefully consider. Making the wrong decision will be costly at best and can be destructive in the worst-case scenario.

That’s why we provide you with a solid handbook on cross-platform and native mobile app development. You can use it to find out which of these technologies are suitable for your project. Real-life examples will help you to understand why picking a framework matters so much. We’ve talked with experts – developers and business owners to determine how choosing the right type of software development method can be crucial for future growth and the outcome.

If you download our ebook, expect tons of useful, practical knowledge with all the details you need to know to learn more about cross-platform and native mobile app development. This is the ultimate guide you needed!

Experts in the Ebook

“I would say Flutter’s top advantage is the ease of prototyping UIs. It is very easy to create heavily customized UI, down to the single pixel.”

Marko Caušević, Flutter Developer at About You GmbH

“The Flutter team managed to provide a solid set of new Widgets, styled in accordance with Material Design, with an option to easily create custom ones.”

Krzysztof Wojciechowski, Senior developer at itCraft

Krzysztof Wojciechowski team
Karol Wegner team

Expert of modern, scalable mobile systems. Since 2010, as co-founder and co-owner of itCraft, Karol has been developing his own company that builds mobile apps. Creator of and investor in mobile startups.

Karol Wegner, CEO at itCraft

“I think NativeScript is not competitive against Native Development when the purpose is to build a mobile app that focuses on the UX (User Experience) alone to deliver value.”

Deyan Ginev, Software Engineer at Office R&D

“We wanted to use a cross-platform framework, as we are a very small team and would not have had the time to do native development. Flutter looked very promising and offered great documentation, so we decided to give it a try.”

Igor Davydychev, Flutter Developer at My Type

itCraft - mobile & Web App Development Company

10 years on the market, +200 completed projects and more than 60 people on board – that’s itCraft in numbers. Our expertise and passion for software development helped us to win clients like Deloitte, DHL, Makro C&C, Rossmann, Top Secret, Sodexo, BHP Bank, InterCars, LUX Med and more. We’re proud to be acknowledged by industry portals like Clutch and Mobile App Daily.

The main goal of the itCraft team is always to deliver high-quality mobile innovations to businesses around the world. We provide our complex software production services to established corporations and promising startups. If you recently had an IT project in mind – let us know what we can do for you. Go to our website and leave us a message. That can be the beginning of something exceptional!

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